14 stunning swimming pool water fountain ideas: Waterfall, curtain & spillover water features

Who doesn’t love a pool fountain or waterfall, they have been around for thousands of years and have certainly come a long way. Pool fountains bring a real ambience to your swimming pool plus, give it that wow factor you may be craving.

But this is not their only purpose, they can reduce your pool temperature, act as a deterrent to mosquitos, plus fountains are a great way to cancel out unwanted noise. With a variety of pool fountains to choose from, there are a few different factors you need to give thought to first. Style, feel and sound should all be considered and matched with your pools overall theme .

We’ll be taking a look at all these things plus more and get you well on your way to choosing the best pool water feature for your pool!

swimming pool water fountain

Waterfall pool fountains are extremely popular, and for good reason. You can incorporate them into your pool design in a ton of different ways, and tweak them so they’re just right for your pool. This waterfall boasts a great amount of width and height, the higher and wider the waterfall the more movement you will get on your pools surface, plus this will create more water noise as well.

swimming pool spouts

The rain curtain pool waterfall is a great choice, they can be nice and subtle with the water sound resembling that of light rain. Visually they are a great focal point and really lure you in with their beauty and sound, they also bring a natural feel and noise to the pool.

water fountain for swimming pool

Spout or Sconce water fountains have been around for decades, they bring a Mediterranean feel to any pool and are a really simple way to add a fountain to your design. There versatility allows them to be incorporated into statues, walls or water features.

above ground pool water fountain

This waterfall pool fountain looks superb! The texture and tone of the wall behind the water flow is quite eye catching, and makes this pool fountain a real feature. The huge width and steady stream on this waterfall generates the most beautiful ripple on the pools surface and gives the water a beautiful finish.

modern pool fountains

Spill bowl water features are a favorite choice for many pool owners, they bring a Balinese feel to your pool which is often sort after for that added tranquility. They work well a single bowl, in groups or scattered around different points of your pool.

water fountain for above ground pool

There’s something about threes that just work, this translates through to so many aspects of design and pools are no exception. Spill bowls are the perfect example of three pool water features that go perfectly together!

fountain for inground pool

A modern take on the rain curtain waterfall, a unique pool fountain design that stands alone and stands out! I love how dramatic and sleek this waterfall is, I can imagine the sound just by looking at it! Heavy rain, yes please! This would fit in perfectly with a tropical themed pool. This Waterfall design has also taken full advantage of their pool lighting.

inground pool fountain

Walls are so handy when it comes to water features and waterfalls. These waterfalls are on the narrow side, which usually equates to a heavier pour, meaning they will create more white water on your pools surface and a deeper water sound. This is something important you want to take onboard when choosing the width and height of your waterfall.

pool fountains for above ground pool

I have included this pool fountain to touch on pool ledge fountains, these are called bubblers. Not only do they look cool, but they are also very useful too. They offer a substantial amount of water flow within the ledge to stop algae and grime building up on the ledge. Water can often sit stagnant in these areas and the last thing you want is to have a slippery entry into your pool!

swimming pool fountain

A great example of a wide and low sheer decent waterfall, these waterfalls offer so much elegance and softness created by the sheerness of the water flow. It generates only the slightest ripple and gives the whole pool a very relaxed vibe. This kind of pool fountain is ideal for an indoor space, or a space with a wall as the sound can really bounce off the pool surround and can be a touch overpowering.

water fountain for swimming pool

Absolutely gorgeous! The sheer decent pool fountains are spot on for the size of this pool and look super slick and minimal. Hot tubs are also a great way to include water movement into your pool with a spillover effect which they have executed perfectly in this contemporary pool design.

modern pool fountain

I love the pool bubbler fountain look! The different levels are fabulous and the impact they make without taking up too much space in your pool is excellent. They really flourish in shallow areas, so a sloping pool entry is the perfect spot to gain height and drama!

pool waterfall ideas

The classic rock waterfall never goes out of fashion, and you can’t bet a grotto which goes hand and hand with a rock water feature. Often rock waterfalls will incorporate an adjoining slide, they just mold together flawlessly and bring an element of fun to any pool. The finishing and quality of this design is just immaculate, I love the addition of the fire bowls!

pool water features

Deck spouts are a common water feature especially for in ground pools, this is because they fit seamlessly into the deck or concrete pool surround and create a unique archway look. They look quite striking even when the pools not in use, LED’s are often paired with these pool fountains and look incredible at night as the light follows the water stream.

They’ve also added a nice set of pool ledge loungers which really completes the space.

I hope you have come away with a little more inspiration than you arrived with after reading this article. Running water offers so many benefits for the mind, body, and soul. There is a therapy that you get from water, sound, and movement you can’t get anywhere else so lap it up!

Happy Swimming.

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