20 GREAT backyard hot tub privacy ideas: Simple, bar, screen ideas & more

There are so many reasons to own a hot tub or spa, they are a great addition to any backyard, and provide loads of benefits.

With a ton of different ways to create privacy around your hot tub or spa, it can be tricky to make a decision. You want to make sure it aligns with your wants and needs, as well as your budget.

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to turn that boring hot tub space into something beautiful, and exciting.

Hopefully these different hot tub privacy ideas will give you some suggestions which will inspire you to create them for yourself.

1. hot tub deck privacy ideas

hot tub surround ideas

This is a nice and simple purpose-built design, that could be easily incorporated into most backyards. Lots of decking space to play around with furnishings and is also easy to up or downsize this plan. Some string lights could easily enhance this area even more.

backyard swim spa

Here we have a cost-effective, simple hot tub deck idea which is perfect if you’re on a budget and want to utilize more green space.

simple hot tub deck ideas

This is a perfect way to integrate a hot tub or spa pool into a preexisting, or new deck without it standing out too much. This design would look great with a round hot tub too.

hot tub on deck modern

This is a lovely example of a modern deck design incorporating concrete and sophisticated shrubbery, perfect for a swim spa or square hot tub.

hot tub landscaping on a budget

I love the use of this corner space, so easy to customize to suit your tastes and a fantastic way to include a roof top shelter as well. Would be great to add fairy or curtain lights to this design, which would add a romantic feel. You could also add an electric patio heater to make it extra cozy

hot tub landscaping

I love this design, such a modern tidy way to have a seamless patio and deck combination with low maintenance planting. Looks nice and private and the festoon lighting is such a lovely touch and brings a real Mediterranean feel to this plan.

2. hot tub privacy screen ideas

spa surrounds backyard

A great use of screening here to create instant privacy, perfect if you’re on a budget as well. These types of screens can be easily fixed to preexisting structures, plus you can paint it any color that you desire. I love the way they have included seating and a shade sail into this plan also.

hot tub ideas simple

This is a beautiful compact and functional design making great use of space. Paired up with a good quality boarded screen that is really well finished with a black stain which all works in so well with the cedar.

hot tub surround ideas

This is an extremely well put together modern hot tub surround, with the use of screens for privacy being taken full advantage of. What I love most about this plan is the different use of textures, and the subtle plant placement to add a touch of color.

hot tub privacy screen

I love this look, these screens provide a more interesting approach to privacy than your standard wooden screening. If you’re wanting to create a private feel but still have adequate natural light these screens could be just what you’re looking for.

3.hot tub privacy with a bar

hot tub bar ideas

Here we have a great example of combining privacy screening with a generously sized pergola, and a good-sized bar. They have even included a retractable blind for added privacy and hanging lights for that touch of ambience.

hot tub bar

This is a great stand-alone country style gazebo with a bar included. I love the use of the trellis which makes this a versatile canvas for styling. For added backyard privacy you could easily add addition trellis onto the other side.

modern hot tub

This hot tub bar set up has it all! Shutters that open and close, a bar plus a covered ceiling with a view. Perfect for every aspect of your entertaining and privacy needs.

hot tub deck ideas

This design is super functional and modern, I love the chunkiness of the bar which also doubles as added privacy. It’s perfect for those smaller sized backyards or apartments and can be decorated to suit your color palate. A spa like the Life Smart hot tub would look great with this design.

hot tub privacy using rocks and plant

outdoor hot tub ideas

This is a perfect example of how to use planting to create a screening for privacy. Obviously not an instant solution to privacy, but still a very effective and stunning way to incorporate nature into your hot tub privacy needs. Great if you’re on a budget as well, a basic frame and trellis combined with the right plant choices equals a cost-effect organic design.

hot tub rocks natural on a budget

This is a beautiful use of rocks and planting to surround your hot tub, plus it offers great functionality with the addition of stairs. The rocks make for a very modern, yet natural finish, and the well-established planting makes for some added privacy which is always a bonus.

Here is another example of a rock surround with the petunias adding a splash of color. For extra privacy more palms or a privacy screen could also be easily added for a more intimate feel.

hot tub landscaping on a budget

Here is another excellent example of using plants to create that private oasis feel, plus it’s not going to break the budget either. Bamboo screening is a cheaper alternative to some of the other screening options available and pairs perfectly with plants. Especially if you are wanting to create a real natural feel.

Curtains for hot tub privacy

Using curtains for privacy is a great choice if you are wanting to pick and choose those private moments. This look is stunning, and the curtains are a subtle yet highly effective way to achieve maximum privacy whenever you desire.

hot tub screening surround

This is a stunning use of curtains for privacy, I love the Balinese feel this look creates. The shear curtains provide a great amount of privacy and generate a relaxed luxurious spa vibe.

So there you have it. I hope this has given you some great ideas to help transform your bland hot tub space into something more beautiful, and private.

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