22 GREAT hot tub deck ideas: Simple, outdoor, & sunken designs

It can be a real struggle to find the right hot tub deck idea. With so many outdoor, sunken and modern designs out there sometimes it’s hard to make a decision.

There’s a lot to take into consideration when choosing the right deck plan to suit your lifestyle, personality, space, and needs. This article is here to help inspire you to make that decision with ease and get you set up and enjoying that tub.

Theses are our favorite deck hot tub designs to enhance any backyard and incorporate a hot tub into your deck.

sunken hot tub deck backyard

If you’re wanting to incorporate a hot tub into a preexisting structure and have room to do so, then this could be just the right option for you. Not only is this a pretty inexpensive way to fit your tub into your deck design it also provides a much more spacious feel. Not the most practical for entering and exiting the hot tub but if that’s no issue then soak away.

simple hot tub deck ideas steps

An Excellent deck design for your hot tub, particularly if you only have a compact space to work with. With a decent amount of privacy this design feels super cozy and secluded even in apartment style living. Enhance this area with lighting and pot plants to make it feel your own.

hot tub steps backyard

Simple and functional are the words that come to mind when I look at this hot tub design, this can literally be placed anywhere. Pavers, grass or a deck would all work in well with this raised look. Storage could also be added in underneath the side panels because who doesn’t love extra storage!

modern hot tub deck

Wow this is a beautifully executed partially sunken hot tub deck design It has a very modern and roomy feel with the use of glass contributing to the illusion of space, and at the same time not interrupting that breathtaking view! What a perfect spot to unwind, a tanning ledge chair, or hot tub bar would turn this into an entertainer’s dream.

sunken hot tub deck backyard

What an amazing setting for a hot tub which has so many possibilities. There’s so many things to love about this unique set up, the levels create different sections and feel quite separate from one another but flow and function superbly.

I love the added fire pit in there with the lounges, you can just picture putting your feet up or taking a dip in this peaceful surrounding. Some string or fairy lights could also take this design to the next level.

simple hot tub deck ideas

Who doesn’t love a view! This circular hot tub platform has been purpose built with the view being taken full advantage of. Simple yet stunning. Some nice outdoor furniture and plants would really bring this space to life!

backyard simple hot tub ideas

Look at those beautiful trees, and what an exquisite way to enjoy them by a soak in the spa, trees are superb for providing shade, shelter, and privacy with the added bonus of generating a relaxed oasis feel. The minimalist deck design is super functional and sometimes all you need when you have a tranquil setting like this one to work with. An outdoor solar fountain would finish this space off perfectly!

hot tub modern deck backyard

I’m a huge fan of this seamless design, and I think this has been so well executed. The water feature complements the tub magnificently. There’s just Something about the sound of moving water that just adds a Zen feel to any hot tub deck design. There’s also plenty of space to add a some outdoor furniture like a patio daybed too.

backyard hot tub deck modern

What a fun way to incorporate levels into sunken hot tub design, I think it flows so flawlessly into the main deck and creates a connected but distant feel. The view is to die for and can be fully embraced from the hot tub without any obstruction, plus a little added shade from the tree is an added bonus.

hot tub steps backyard

This partially sunken hot tub deck design is simple and straight to the point. It could easily transition into a preexisting deck or standalone structure. A hot tub surround could be added in to enhance privacy plus provide you with a real intimate atmosphere while you’re soaking the day away.

What a serene setting for a hot tub! To step into this tub would be beyond bliss. The hardwood composite decking material looks striking in this environment, I love the addition of seating on two levels which gives you the choice to sit and take it all in, or cool off before you reenter the tub.

modern hot tub outdoor ideas

Who doesn’t love curves, what a fabulous corner hot tub design. I love the look of the thin hardwood slates which compliment the pattern of the hot tub nicely. And the steps leading in look so inviting and stylish!

outdoor hot tub ideas modern

This is a fantastic simple hot tub deck design which can translate to most contemporary or tradition designs. The steps offer an attractive yet useful surround and blend in so elegantly with the timber decking.

You could take framing all the way around if you wanted to have a centred hot tub design and make it a real feature or the corner placement offers a more subtle look. You could also easily add an outdoor electric heater to warm up this space.

hot tub deck backyard ideas

This design offers a really sleek look with loads of privacy, it would be effortless to customize to your personal taste and needs with lighting, furnishings and potted fauna. The partial hot tub insert creates easy entry and exit, plus gives access to any working parts that you may need to be repair.

jacuzzi hot tub

A cut and sunken insert design can be a super cost effective and fast way to incorporate that hot tub into your deck. Whether you want it to sit flush or slightly elevated would depend on your platform underneath, plus your preference. I think this deck is screaming out for some furnishings, a pergola over this tub would look divine. Add a fire pit and some loungers and you’d be in hot tub heaven!

hot tub steps deck backyard ideas

So much to love about this hot tub deck set up, the levels give it a modern edge while the timber and planting add a rustic touch. The bench seating looks elegant and comfortable plus could double as storage which I can’t get enough of! The plants are a perfect match and look so lush while providing a surround with privacy as well. A spa like the LifeSmart hot tub would work great with this design.

backyard hot tub simple ideas

A stunning way to seamlessly feature a hot tub into you’re backyard, not only does this design provide privacy and functuality but it utilizes that lush green lawn and includes lighting seating and shelter in a such a stylish subtle way.

simple hot tub ideas backyard

This deck surround ties in fabulously with the pavers and fire pit vibe, the dark stain on the wood is a very appealing touch and creates a striking contrast while complementing the whitewash stone palate perfectly. I love this look!

backyard hot tub ideas

This is a well thought out way to integrate your hot tub in to a deck wall set up. Not only does this look very tidy, it’s also very functional too. Add some plants for a bit of greenery and you’re good to go!

backyard hot tub simple ideas steps

Another fantastic corner design, the steps are a great touch for accessibility plus minimal material use is superb if you’re on a budget. Once again you could take the hardwood around the diameter of the hot tub to suit your design if you’re working with a more central space.

hot tub backyard deck ideas

Pure elegance, the lines in this design are stunning. Loads of space to play around with furniture and decor, or stick with that simplistic look which is crafted to perfection. Very clever raised surround, you could even recess the hot tub more to get that super sleek look or keep it curvy which creates more of an impact. This design would work great with an inflatable spa like the Bestway SaluSpa.

This design is sophistication galore, the shade of the wood works in with the tub flawlessly. The dark stain on the privacy screening contrasts perfectly with the pale timber, which is one of my favorite looks! A shade sale or pergola would be the icing on the cake for this design and just take it to that next level.

I hope this article has helped to get those design juices flowing and given you the boost you need to make a decision that’s right for you! Remember to relax, enjoy and embrace that tub!

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