5 bEST dolphin automatic pool cleaners: TOP choices, comparison & buyers guide

What is the best Dolphin Pool Cleaner for in-ground pools?

With so many different models to choose from, picking the one to best suit your needs can be a tricky task. They all vary in price starting from around $700, with some getting close to $2000. They all come equipped with their own unique features and cleaning capabilities.

The question is though, do you choose to go for the more affordable option with less features? or do you go for the premium option that will potentially perform a better clean?

Well we’ve got the answer to all those questions and many more in this round up review of what we believe are the top 5 Dolphin pool cleaners for in-ground pools.

But first lets quickly go over what we believe makes a good in-ground robotic pool cleaner.

  • How well it can clean the pools walls
  • How many different types of debris it’s able to clean
  • How well it can clean the pools waterline
  • How energy efficient the cleaner is
  • How easy it is to operate

To help you make an informed decision and to find the best Dolphin pool cleaner out there, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best options out there.

dolphin pool cleaners comparison chart

Filtration SystemWeekly TimerPool SizeExtended CoveragePool TypeWaterline ScrubbingCleaning Cycle
Dolphin Nautilus CC PlusFineNoUp to 50ft30 Months (Limited)Gunite/Plaster, Vinyl, FiberglassNoStandard – 2 hours
Dolphin PremierFine, Ultra fineYesUp to 50 ft36 Months (Limited)Gunite/Plaster, Vinyl, FiberglassYesStandard – 3 hours
Dolphin SigmaFine, Ultra fineYesUp to 50ft36 Months (Limited)Gunite/Plaster, Vinyl, FiberglassYesStandard – 2.5 hours
Dolphin Triton Ps PlusFineYesUp to 50 ft24 Months (Limited)Gunite/Plaster, Vinyl, FiberglassYesQuick – 1 hour, Standard – 2 hours
Dolphin Oasis Z5Fine, Ultra fineYesUp to 50ft36 Months (Limited)Gunite/Plaster, Vinyl, FiberglassYesStandard – 2.5 hours

Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus pool cleaner

Dolphin Pool cleaner

The Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus is an affordable yet powerful pool cleaner, It uses CleverClean navigation to aid with its cleaning, allowing it to manoeuvre around any objects in its path, while also finding the most efficient cleaning route. It features an anti-tangle swivel cable that prevents it from becoming tangled around its own cord while performing a clean.

The Nautilus Cc Plus Is able to provide excellent suction to a pool of any surface type thanks to its PowerStream mobility. This feature also gives it the ability to scale the pools walls, but unfortunately not to the waterline.

The Dolphin Cc Plus robotic pool cleaner comes standard with dual filter cartridges, these filters are designed for large to fine debris such as leaves, sticks and bugs. However you can purchase an ultra fine filter for pollen and dust as an add on.


  • Anti-tangle swivel cable
  • Easy to setup, operate & maintain
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight & easy to clean
  • 3 year warranty


  • No waterline cleaning
  • Doesn’t clean steps well
  • No weekly timer

Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner

The Dolphin Premier is one of more premium pool cleaners from Maytronics. It features a sleek looking design with an easy to grip handle on the top of the cleaner, making it simple to remove from the pool.

It uses impressive HyperGrip tracks that give it maximum traction while cleaning the pools walls which also gives it the ability to clean right up to the waterline. The Dolphin Premier uses a multilayered filtration system that is designed to filter out large, fine and ultra fine debris maxing it very versatile.

The Premier uses the same navigation system as the Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus, as well as the same anti-tangle swivel cable. One thing to remember is that the Dolphin Premier will take the longest out of our 5 best Dolphin models to perform a clean, taking 3 hours to complete.


  • Easy to clean filters
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Easy installation
  • Cleans waterline


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t come with caddy
  • Long cleaning cycle

Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin pool cleaner

The Dolphin Sigma is the most expensive model in our 5 best Dolphin pool cleaner comparison, and for good reason. It boasts a wide range of features, making it one of the best residential cleaners for in-ground pools on the market.

The Dolphin Sigma uses not 2, but four powerful scrubbing brushes that spin individually allowing for precise navigation! These quad scrubbing brushes were also engineered to be especially effective against algae and biofilm a bacteria that destroys water quality and increase the demand for extra chlorine.

The Sigma is also an extremely energy efficient pool cleaner thanks to its ultra efficient triple high rpm DC motors. These motors give it 5x the amount of torque compared AC pool cleaners, which in return creates excellent suction power. The 24-volt DC motors also require 87% less energy than the AC motors that power old fashioned pool cleaners.

The Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner also comes equiped with HyperGrip tracks allowing for maximum grip on any pool surface, these tracks also give the Sigma great waterline cleaning capability.

The Dolphin Sigma uses a navigation system called Gyroscope SmartNav, this is similar to the previous models navigation system except it prevents the Sigma from overlapping spots that it has already cleaned which minimises cleaning time.


  • Highly energy efficient
  • Excellent traction
  • Large top loaded filtration system
  • Limited 3 year warranty
  • Built-in weekly timer


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Does not come with a caddy

Dolphin Triton Ps Plus pool cleaner

Dolphin Pool cleaner

The Dolphin Triton Ps Plus is a great mid tier automatic pool cleaner that is affordable yet still packs a lot of great features. The Triton Ps Plus is able to perform the quickest clean out of our 5 best Dolphin models thanks to its 1 hour quick cycle function. This is a great feature if you have guest coming over and you need to give your pool a quick spruce up.

The Dolphin Triton Plus features the My Dolphin App which allows you to use your phone, or a tablet as a joystick giving you full control over it. This gives you the ability to give any areas that need extra attention a deeper clean. The Triton ps Plus is able to clean all areas of the pool including up to the waterline thanks to its Powerstream Technology feature.

The Dolphin Triton robotic pool cleaner comes standard with with a dual layered fine mesh filter. This is designed to handle both large and fine particles such as sticks, leaves bugs and sand. If your pool is prone to micro particles like dust or pollen you can purchase this model with an ultra fine filter for around $200 extra.

Like all the previous models, the Dolphin Triton Ps Plus also comes equiped with CleverClean Navigation and an anti-tangle swivel cable.


  • Fast
  • Easy to clean filters
  • Cleans walls well
  • Remote control operation
  • Smart Navigation


  • Struggles with stairs
  • Doesn’t come with caddy

Dolphin Oasis Z5i Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Pool cleaner

The Dolphin Oasis is one of Dolphins more premium robotic pool cleaners. It features a beautiful design and excellent build quality and comes equiped with lots of great features. You are able to connect up to the Oasis Z5 via the My Dolphin App which allows you to control it through a mobile phone or tablet. This app also allows you to set the weekly timer so the Dolphin Oasis automatically cleans for you every 24, 48 or 72 hours.

The Z5 uses a dual layered filtration system with both fine and ultra fine filters, these filters give it the capability to handle any debris thrown its way from sticks, leaves, sand and pollen the Dolphin Oasis can clean it all. And to make things better these filters are easily accessed via the top of the cleaner.

As you would expect from a premium robotic pool cleaner this beauty is able to clean all areas of the pool, including up to the waterline, ensuring no areas are missed or it doesn’t become stuck or tangled thanks to CleverClean navigation, and its anti-tangle swivel cable.


  • Powerful scrubbing
  • Easy access filters
  • Efficient
  • Energy efficient
  • 3 year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Dolphin pool cleaner Comparison summary

In our opinion all of our chosen 5 best Dolphin pool cleaners each had features that will best suit a pool owners own unique needs. Whether it be the fact that they’re on a budget and need a more affordable option, or the fact that that their pool is prone to multiple types of debris and they need a more versatile and powerful cleaner.

However, if money was no issue then we would have to go for the Dolphin Sigma. We feel like it is the best pool cleaner in terms of features and cleaning ability.

If we were shopping on a budget then we would have to go with the Dolphin Nautilus Cc Plus. It packs many of the same features that many of the more expensive pool cleaner had, however its main downfall was the fact that it wasn’t able to clean to the waterline.

If you want a list of some other great automatic pool cleaners from different brands then check out our review here.

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