Above ground pool deck ideas on a budget: Simple, Affordable & tiered deck ideas

Swimming pools are a fantastic way to enjoy time with your family, and friends. If you’re on a budget and need ideas for an above ground pool deck, we’re happy to help. Making your pool look stylish doesn’t have to come with a budget blowout.

Hopefully these affordable backyard pool deck ideas will inspire you to create a deck design to best suit your needs, and stay within your budget.

Above ground pool deck ideas on a budget

This above ground pool design is on a slightly sloping section which allows the deck to be propped up by the land. This is great if you have a section with a lean, plus it allows you to save on materials. In saying that, this design could easily translate to a flat design as well. This would look great with some above-ground pool lights too.

Backyard pool deck ideas on a budget

This is a cute compact deck, I think the way they have partially lined up the side of this above ground pool is so clever and creates the illusion of a sunken pool. The angles of the decking timber look stunning and compliment the shape of the pool nicely. The cover holder at the foot of the pool is so functional too!

deck around above ground

This is a real country style pool deck, the white paired with the oak style timber is beautiful. It’s been joined to the main deck with stylish class, while its balustrade makes it easily, accessible, and user friendly. What I love most about this design is the way the deck space is being fully utilized by only half inserting the above ground pool. Good thinking!

affordable backyard pool ideas on budget

This above ground pool has a well-crafted timber frame with a purpose-built pool platform addition. Sometimes simple designs like this are all you need! Especially if you’re planning on creating a border with greenery which is a practical way to save those penny’s, and make an impact!

simple above ground pool decks

I would love to swim in this pool, the English country garden setting is gorgeous! The design is super simple and finished to a high standard. I’m a huge fan of the contrast the dark timber creates against the green shrubbery. Another perfect design for a sloping section but you can also really visualise this being created into a box type pool deck with added timber which would enable this to be standalone structure.

There’s also plenty of space for some outdoor furniture too which is great.

tiered deck ideas

A great above ground pool addition to the fence line and a superb use of decking to enhance every aspect of this pool. It’s fantastic to see they’re making the most of the shape and flowing the angles through to the lower deck. I can’t go past the raised lower deck look which gives it that sunken look.

pool deck

A super simple design making the most of the original deck space, great pool for access as well. The timber around the pool lining looks really nice and tidy while taking up minimal space and skipping the border around the lining is economical on timber. All and all this is a marvellous design for a pool deck on a budget.

pool decking ideas

This deck design is outstanding, and could be adapted for big or small pools. Both the scale and the shape can be easily adjusted to suit you, and your backyard. The well-established hedge is fabulous for added shelter and privacy, and would be straight forward to replicate with fast growing shrubs. You may need a good above-ground pool cleaner though to help with cleaning all those leaves.

above ground pool platform

Another pool design built into a sloping section. Theses bank designs are popular if you are budget. The savings on timber can be quite significant, plus you can really utilize the earth as a good solid foundation to build in to. A nice set of pool loungers would really complete this space.

above ground pool decks

Beautiful round pool deck, with the bottom tier being put to good use as planter boxing. This will allow those plants to grow up past the waterline and create that tranquil oasis feel without having to go overboard with your budget.

deck surround above ground pools

This simple above ground pool deck is ideal if you’re on a budget. The is a good use of a basic box style frame while lining the outside of the pool with rocks is great when it comes to saving some cash. You could even give the stairs a miss and have a standard ladder entry as another way to cut down those costs.

simple above ground pool deck

This above ground swimming pool design is fantastic for smaller scale pools. It can be incorporated into most backyards without taking up a huge amount of space. Ideal as an addition to a preexisting deck, or a purpose-built pool deck. The boarder surrounding the pool gives it a really nice depth and the horizontal timber frame elongates the whole look which is perfect to enhance the look of pools that are on the smaller side.

above ground swimming pool with deck

This pool deck is superb for petite above ground pools, and isn’t going to take up much room in your backyard. You could upscale this design easily for a larger pool and even extend out the base of the deck for some added space to play around with furniture. I really like the boxy look of the stairs and the dimensions work in so well with the overall design.

small in-ground pool ideas

This is an elegant pool surround just perfect for above ground pools. You can’t bet that tropical look when it comes to styling your pool deck. The white stones and palm tree already have that balmy feel with added potted palms and planting into the wall side the tropical look would be achieved with ease. Plus, palms give your pool deck that real luxurious feel without blowing the budget.

small backyard above ground pool deck ideas

A raised deck plan can allow you to keep your above ground pool unlined for addition savings on timber. This platform deck surround is wide enough to keep the pools lining hidden from view and the white stones underneath are a tidy finishing touch. This design would also make draining an above ground pool easy.

above ground pool deck ideas on a budget

This pool design is making great use of the elevated section. A landing has been dug out for the pool deck with a rock wall surround. A simple wooden ladder instead of stairs is sometimes all you need for your pool access, and can save you a bit of cash on materials. There’s also plenty of space to fit some furniture like an outdoor daybed too.

above ground pool with deck

Who doesn’t love the tiered look! Absolutely timeless, functional, easy on the eye, plus if you’re smart with your material choices you can create this pool deck on a budget.

deck around pool

This design features more of a platform landing raised deck, with the rest of decking surround thinning out. Superb for the budget, plus you get that extra bonus of the pool lining coverage too. Some planting in around the deck wouldn’t go astray for added greenery to divert your gaze from the underside of the deck. I do love how solid and bulky this deck is, and how beautifully it’s been finished.

above ground pool deck ideas on a Budget summary

So, there you have it. I hope these ideas have enlightened you to the many affordable deck ideas there are for around your pool, while at the same time given you some inspiration to transform that boring above ground pool into a functional space your friends and family can all enjoy.

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