AIPER smart pool cleaner review: Specs, Features, Pros, & Cons


There’s a new kid on the block in the robotic pool cleaning industry here to shake up the competition, and it goes by the name AIPER Smart. Packed with loads of features and a modern design, AIPER pool cleaners are quickly becoming a top choice for pool owners.

Today we’ll be checking out the AIPER Smart cordless pool cleaner to see what it’s all about.

AIPER Smart cordless pool cleaner quick review

The AIPER Smart pool cleaner was released early 2021 and is designed for both in-ground, and above-ground pools of any shape and surface type up to 1614sq.ft, and 2m deep.

It is the newest cordless robotic pool cleaner in the market with an impressive run time of 90 minutes thanks to its 8600mAh battery, however it does take 8 hours to charge!

The AIPER Smart features the latest technology when it comes to wall-climbing ability thanks to its impressive 4-wheel drive system. It is ables to map out the most efficient cleaning path thanks to its built in sensors.

This AIPER Smart pool cleaner is even smart enough to return to the the edge of the pool when the battery is low so you don’t have to go for a swim to retrieve it! The AIPURY1500 is able to clean the pool to a high standard with the aid of its dynamic dual scrubbing brushes and its powerful triple-motors that allow it to get maximum suction power on any pool surface.

However no pool cleaner is without its flaws, the AIPER Smart has been known to occasionally get hung up on the pools drains.


  • Cordless
  • Can be used in in/above ground pools
  • Good wall climbing ability
  • 2 year warranty 
  • Strong suction power
  • Lightweight


  • Can get stuck on drains
  • Not amazing at cleaning stairs

AIPER Smart pool cleaner specs

  • Make: Aiper
  • Model: AIPURY1500
  • Pool type: In/above ground
  • Run time: 90 minutes max
  • Charge time: 8 hours
  • Dimensions: 19.5″ x 1″ x 11.8
  • Weight: 23.4 lbs.

Now lets take a deeper look at the Aiper Smart vacuums features

Aiper Smart pool cleaner key features

Top loaded filter cartridge

The AIPER Smart features a top loaded filter cartridge for effortless removal, and easy cleaning. Simply open the top cover, slide the filter out, hose it down and you’re done. This filter is also ultra fine so is great for trapping leaves, sand, dead bugs and hair.

Powerful 3-Axis Motor

This powerful motor is the driving force that gives the AIPURY1500 the ability to climb the pools walls. Complimented by its 4 wheel drive system this makes it great at cleaning right to the top of the waterline, an area that some robotic pool cleaners struggle to get to.

High Capicity 8600 MHA battery

The AIPER Smart pool cleaner comes loaded with an 8600 mAH battery that allows for an impressive 90 minutes of run time. This gives it great versatility in being able to clean pools of most sizes. To make things even better the AIPURY1500 is also cordless making it super easy to transport, and operate!

Advanced navigation sensors

These high-tech sensors allow the AIPER Smart to map out the optimal path to take when cleaning your pool, This also ensures that the clean is done in the most efficient time possible, giving you more time to enjoy your pool. These sensors also make sure no areas are missed when performing a clean.

Check out the features of the AIPER Smart pool cleaner in this video below.

AIPER Smart pool cleaner user reviews

While checking out reviews it was clear to see that there were a lot of satisfied customers. Many users loved how easy the AIPER Smart was to operate, especially people who were new to robotic pool cleaners saying “It has taken one of the most daunting tasks and made it absolutely painless and simple”

Customers were also impressed with its ability to scale the pool walls cleaning right up to the water line, an area where a lot of robotic pool cleaners struggle to get to. People also mention that the AIPER Smart pool cleaner had great suction power, and was able to tackle debris of all types. They also loved how easy the filter cartridge was to remove and clean.

However some users did mention the fact that that it can become hung up on drains and can from time to time struggle cleaning the pool stairs.

AIPER Smart pool cleaner summary

For me, I feel that the AIPER Smart pool cleaner is a well thought out product that it easy to setup and operate, making it a goos choice for new pool owners.

It is made of quality materials making it low maintenance and therefor highly reliable. I like how it is able to provide complete pool coverage and does a good job cleaning all areas of the pool.

It is able to filter a wide variety of debris which makes it very versatile.

One thing I didn’t like was that the AIPER Smart was designed for pools only up to 2m deep, and how long it takes to charge.

It is for these reasons I feel like the AIPER Smart pool cleaner is one worth considering if you’re interested in a battery powered pool cleaner.

Click here to get yours today.

If you’re interested in checking out another AIPER Smart pool cleaner then check out our full review of the Aiper Smart Seagull600 here.

AIPER smart

What type of pool is the AIPER Smart designed to clean?

It is designed to clean both above and in-ground pools

How long does the warranty last for?

The AIPER Smart comes with a 24 month warranty.

How Long does a Cleaning cycle take?

The AIPER Smart pool cleaner has a standard 90 minute cleaning cycle.

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  1. I purchased this Apier pool cleaner. Used it a few times and it doesn’t recharge! I spent $700 on it! I called customer service 3 times, emailed them. They said they will email me a return label each time and they never did!

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