AIPER Smart seagull600 pool cleaner review: Specs, features, pros & cons

Aiper smart pool cleaner

AIPER Pool Cleaners are relatively new to the pool cleaning industry. Affordable, lightweight, cordless and easy to use, they are quickly becoming a popular choice for pool owners.

But how do they stack up compared to other pool cleaners ? Let’s find out.

Today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the AIPER Seagull cordless automatic pool cleaner to see if its price matches its and performance.

AIPER smart pool Cleaner quick Review

The AIPER Smart Seagull is one of the first cordless automatic pool cleaners designed for both above and in-ground pools, of any shape, and surface type. However it is only capable of cleaning the floor of flat bottomed pools and has no wall climbing capability.

It features a simple to use lightweight design, with one touch operation, simply power the AIPER Seagull on at the bottom of the cleaner, drop it in the water and away it goes. This makes it a great choice for first time owners of a robotic pool cleaner.

The AIPER Seagull is powered by a powerful dual-drive motor which allows it to deliver great suction power, while at the same time being energy efficient.

Designed with a built-in 2600mAh lithium battery, the AIPER Pool Vacuum has an approximate run time of around 50 minutes making it ideal for small to mid sized pools up to 50m in length. The battery of the AIPER Smart cordless automatic pool cleaner will take around 3-4 hours to reach maximum charge.

The AIPER Smart Seagull also features self park technology which gives it the ability to return to the side of the pool when it’s finished its cleaning cycle, or when its battery is getting low meaning you don’t have to go for a swim to retrieve it.

The AIPER Smart Seagull comes with a standard one year warranty, which in my opinion isn’t very long for an automatic pool cleaner.

AIPER Smart pool vacuum Specs

  • Make: Aiper
  • Model: Aiper Smart Seagull
  • Pool type: above/in-ground
  • Weight: 6.6lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Working cycle: 50 minutes


  • Cordless
  • Afforable
  • Easy to operate
  • Good suction power
  • lightweight


  • Only has a run time of 50 minutes
  • Only comes with a 1 year warranty

Now let’s dive a little deeper and check out the key features of the AIPER smart cordless pool cleaner.

aiper pool vacuum

AIPER smart pool cleaner key features

Effective & easy to Clean filtration system

The AIPER Smart pool cleaner features an advanced filtration system that is designed to handle both large, and fine dirt particles. Sticks, pebbles, bugs and sand, the AIPER Seagull can handle it all. To make things even better the filter tray is simple to remove, and easy to clean saving you time with every cycle.

Touch & reverse technology

This technology allows the AIPER Smart to effectively navigate around your pool without becoming stuck in corners, or on drains and ladders. The sensors detect the walls of the pool and automatically make the AIPER Smart Pool Vacuum change direction once contact with the wall is made.

To make things even better the AIPER Pool Vacuum will also return to the side of the pool once the battery gets low, and an alarm will sound to notify you.

When setting up your AIPER Smart Seagull you can adjust the wheels at the bottom of the cleaner to ensure you get the optimal cleaning path for your pools shape. Check out the picture below to see which running paths best suit your pool.

Aiper smart pool cleaner

Powerful Cleaning

The AIPER Smart automatic pool cleaner is powered by a dual-drive motor that is not only powerful, but economical too. This motor is able to produce great suction power while its twin brushes aggressively scrub the pools surface removing any stubborn dirt and debris. However this cleaner is not the best at removing algae or biofilm.

100% cord free

The AIPER Smart Seagull Pool Vacuum was designed to operate with no hose or power cord, nor does it rely on your pool filter. This cordless automatic pool cleaner quickly cleans your 538sq/ft pool in around 50 minutes. No more worrying about cord entanglement, cord damage, making the cleaning process easy and stress free.

If you’re keen to see the AIPER Pool Vacuum perform a clean then check out the video below.

AIPER Smart user reviews

While checking out reviews for the AIPER smart600 it was clear to see it was a highly reviewed pool cleaner with many people saying “it’s value exceeds its cost”. Many users loved the fact that it required no hoses or plugs in order to operate, making it easy and stress free to operate, and reliable to be left to clean unsupervised.

Many users were also very impressed with the AIPER pool vacuum’s ability to clean large amounts of debris, and how many different types of debris it was able to handle. One user however did mention that it did it struggled with ultra fine particle such as pollen or dust, but they managed to fix the issue by sticking a cheese cloth over the filter.

Another positive point was made in relation to how helpful and efficient the customer service was, with lots of users saying “they were easy to get a hold of, and how helpful they were at resolving any issues they had”.

One negative point that was made was in relation to how quickly the AIPER Smart cordless pool cleaners battery runs out, and how long it takes to charge. With one user saying “the cleaner could barely make it through a cleaning cycle with out needing charged again”. However they did go on to say that they possibly thought their pool was too big for what the AIPER Seagull was designed for.

AIPER Smart pool cleaner summary

When taking all aspects into consideration it was clear for me to see that the AIPER Smart cordless automatic pool cleaner is great value for money.

It comes at an affordable price, but is still able to provide a satisfactory clean, and Is versatile when it comes to the different types of debris it is able to handle.

It has a quality design and is easy to set up and operate, making it a great choice for a first time purchaser of a pool cleaner.

It has a growing amount of positive reviews and is clearly a top choice for pool owners.

However in my opinion its main downfall is the fact that it only works on flat bottomed pools, so that instantly makes it a no go for some pool owners. It would be nice to see AIPER Pool Vacuum design a model that is able to cope with different surface heights to fix this issue.

With all things considered I would definitely recommend the AIPER Smart Pool Cleaner if your’e after an affordable pool cleaner that is still able to provide a great clean.

Click here to get one for yourself today.

If you’re after some more alternatives then feel free to check out our review on the AIPER Smart1500, or check out our review on our favourite Dolphin pool cleaner models here.

AIPER Smart pool vacuum FAQ

How long does the AIPER Smart Seagull600 take to charge?

The AIPER Smart 600 will take around 3-4 hours to reach max charge.

How long can the seagull600 run for of a single charge?

The AIPER Smart Pool Vacuum can run for up to 50 minutes of a single charge.

What pool Type is the AIPER Seagull600 Designed for?

The AIPER Smart Pool Cleaner is designed to clean both above, and in-ground pools.

How is the AIPER Smart600’s warranty?

The Seagull600 comes with a 1 year warranty.

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