Solar pool skimmers: TOP solar Powered pool skimmer reviews & buyers guide

Solar powered pool skimmers are relatively new to the pool cleaning industry but are fast becoming increasingly popular for pool owners.

Not only are they free to run, they require no cords to operate, and they’re better for the environment too.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the 3 Top solar pool skimmer models available on the market today from Instapark, Betta 2, and, Solar Breeze to see if they can work for you.

Here is a list of the Solar powered pool skimmers we’ll be reviewing.

  1. Betta 2 Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer
  2. Instapark Betta Automatic Solar Pool Skimmer
  3. Solar Breeze Ariel Solar Pool Skimmer

1. Betta 2 solar pool skimmer

solar powered pool skimmers

The Betta 2 solar pool skimmer features a well constructed lightweight design weighing only 14lbs. It’s available in 2 colours, either blue or white which allows you to choose the colour to best suit your pool.

The Betta 2 pool skimmer runs completely on solar power where it uses a strong highly efficient solar panel, which is also corrosion free. It also comes loaded with a high capacity built-in lithium battery.

The Betta 2 uses new and improved dual salt and chlorine tolerant motors which propel the skimmer along. These motor feature a larger propeller compared to the previous model, allowing for a more efficient clean. These motors are also now easy to access and replace if need be.

It does an excellent job cleaning up bugs, pollen, leaves, and sticks on the pools surface. The debris is then contained inside its impressively large filter basket which is accessed through the top of the skimmer under the solar panel. This filter is also really easy to remove and clean.

The Betta 2 solar pool skimmer uses ultrasonic sensors which are located around the sides of the skimmer. These help the cleaner to detect any objects in its path like ladders, or the pools filter pump. However if the Betta 2 does get stuck it has the ability to reverse out of the situation and reroute itself.

To top things off the Betta 2 comes with a remote control giving you the ability to control it manually almost like a remote control boat. This is great for spot cleaning if need be.


  • Free to run
  • Large filter basket
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Salt & Chlorine resistant motors


  • Propellers can be fragile

Instapark Betta Solar powered skimmer

Solar pool skimmer

The Instapark Betta is a robot pool skimmer that is designed for pools of any shape or size. It is a solar powered pool skimmer which only requires the power of the sun in order to operate, while its lithium ion batteries give it enough energy if charged during the day to continue operating throughout the night giving you 24 hours cleaning assistance.

It is powered by two small yet powerful propeller blades that propel it through the water, much like that of a remote control jet-boat. The more charge the batteries have, the faster the Instapark Solar pool skimmer will navigate around your pool.

This solar powered pool skimmer has a decent sized filter compartment, large enough to a accommodate leaves, stick and any other debris thrown its way. This filter is also made out of a fine mesh material to allow it to contain fine particles like dust, bugs and pollen.

One thing to consider when purchasing a solar pool skimmer, is that it is only designed to tackle debris on the surface of your pool. So if your pool is prone to debris like sand or stones then id recommend looking at the option of a robotic pool cleaner.

Just like the previous solar pool skimmer the Instapark also uses ultrasonic radar sensors which allow it to detect objects in its path, and change cleaning path if need be. This makes it a reliable to be left to clean unsupervised.


  • Doesn’t require electricity to run
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Large filter cartridge
  • Environmentally friendly
  • remote control navigation


  • Doesn’t clean the bottom of the pool
  • Doesn’t clean the stairs
  • Propeller blades can stop working

Solar Breeze Ariel Solar Pool Skimmer

Solar pool skimmer

The Solar Breeze Ariel is the last of the solar pool skimmers we’ll be checking out. It is a basic pool skimmer which features an easy to use design, with a simple drop and go operation.

Just like our previous models the Solar Breeze Ariel is able to operate for 10 hours on a single charge without the need of any sunlight. However this skimmer doesn’t do great charging on cloudy days and needs direct sunlight to charge.

The Solar Breeze Ariel does a good job collecting a wide variety of debris on the pools surface with minimal clogging. While its mesh filter collects and retains particles all the way down to 200 microns in size, effectively filtering the pool water that passes through Ariel’s tray, resulting in crystal clear water. The debris tray is easily accessed through the top of the skimmer, and is simple to clean with the garden hose.

Unlike the previous solar powered pool skimmers that use propellers drive them the Solar Breeze Ariel uses 2 paddles at the back of the cleaner. unfortunately these are not as powerful and can lead to the Ariel Breeze being sucked into the pools skimmer. You can prevent this issue is by purchasing a shield for your skimmer.


  • Collects surface debris well
  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • Large filter tray
  • Easy to operate


  • Doesn’t clean the bottom of the pool
  • Not very powerful
  • Durability to be questioned

Who is a solar pool skimmer best suited for?

Solar pool skimmers are a great choice for someone who’s after a clean pool without any added costs to their power bill. They are best suited for someone who’s pool is surrounded by trees and bushes, or a pool that mainly gathers surface debris.

Solar powered pool skimmers aren’t a very good option if your pool is prone to debris like pebbles, dirt, algae and acorns since it is unable to clean the pools floor or walls.

If you’re pool is more prone these types debris then your best to go for something like an automatic pool cleaner.

Check out our review here if you’re after some great automatic pool cleaner choices.

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