Circupool core55 review 2021: What are its Features & benefits?

Circupool core55

Salt water pools are quickly becoming a popular choice for pool owners. They require little to no chemicals, are gentler on skin and hair, and are far cheaper to maintain than your standard chlorine pool.

Now in order to have a salt water pool, you will need to have a salt water chlorine generator installed, so we’ve decided to take a look at the popular Circupool Core55 salt water generator to see what its features are and if its right for you.

but before we get into the review lets take a quick look at how this generator works.

Circupool core55 generator – how does it work?

Chlorine Generators work by the salt water traveling through the pools circulation system, which then enters the salt chlorine generator and through the salt cell. As water passes through the cell a low voltage current is applied, which in return creates electrolysis (a process by which ionic substances are decomposed (broken down) into simpler substances when an electric current is passed through them)

Electrolysis then causes salt and water to brake up to hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid. The hydrogen gas then leaves the pool as small bubbles while the hypochlorous acid is used as the pools sanitising agent.

Now that we know how a chlorine generator works, lets take a closer look at the model.

Circupool core55

Circupool Core55 salt water generator Quick review

The Core55 is a Forth- generation salt water system with a modern day design, heavy-duty construction with IP-66 Rated protection. IP-66 protection means that it is protected from direct hose water, dust and snow but isn’t designed to be fully submerged in water. Designed for in-ground swimming pools up to 55,000 gallons this generator uses very low salt levels which creates silky smooth water giving you a luxurious swimming experience.


  • Simple installation
  • 8 year warranty with no DIY penalty
  • Simple opertion
  • Designed for large pools
  • Able to monitor chlorine production


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Expensive to run

Circupool Core55 Specifications

  • Chlorine Output: 2.3 lbs/day.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 8 Years Limited*
  • Manufacturer Max Capacity: 55,000 gallons.
  • Replacement Cell Cost (MSRP): $690.00.
  • Controls: Digital – OLED Display Screen, LED Indicators.
  • Salinity Range: 3000-4500 ppm.
  • Salinity Test: Yes – Low Salt.
  • Flow Sensor. Yes – Integrated Flow Switch.

The Circupool Core 55 features a built in control module with LED indicators and touch sensitive keypad. The digital controls show the chosen percentage of chlorine output, while the keypad allows you to lower or raise the chlorine output as well as activate boost mode.

This advanced control system also alerts you to when more salt needs to be added, when the cell needs cleaned or replaced, or to check the water flow!

The CORE Series doesn’t require wiring during installation! It comes ready to plug into any standard outdoor outlet. It’s switch-mode power supply can also automatically accept 110V or 220V, making it easy to connect to an existing pump timer or controller if desired.

The Circupool Core55 does not require a trained professional to complete installation either, meaning just about anyone can do it! and to top it off it comes with an impressive best in the Industry 8 year warranty that doesn’t become voided if DIY installation is chosen.

Circupool core55 generator customer reviews

When checking out reviews for the Circupool Core55 saltwater generator it was clear to see that there was a lot of positive feed back! Users were amazed at how quick and easy installation was saying “it was the easiest installation they’ve ever done”. They also loved that it only required 110v to operate.

Another positive point was made in relation to how fast the Circupool core55 was able to produce chlorine, and to the perfect level saying their pool has never looked so beautiful without having to add extra chlorine or shock it!

Our Circupool core55 salt water generator review summary

For us we feel like the Circupool Core55 is an excellent Chlorine salt generator. The reasons being it is a well designed product made out of quality materials while also requiring minimal maintenance making it great value for money.

We also loved the fact that it was super easy to install, making it a great generator for first time users.

We also couldn’t go past its built in control panel either, we loved that gave the users the ability to control the amount of chlorine produced in the pool allowing for optimal water condition.

It is for all of these reasons we feel like the Circupool Core55 is definitely a salt water chlorine generator worth investing in!

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