Circupool Salt water pool chlorine generator – What are the features & benefits?

Circupool salt water generator

Circupool core35 salt water pool chlorine generator review

As time goes on different water alternatives from your standard chlorine pool are becoming available. Many Pool owners are choosing to look at different options that require less chemicals, which in return is better for your body, and cheaper to maintain.

We’ve decide to take a look at the Circupool Core35 Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator to see how it can benefit you.

How Does the circupool core35 salt chlorine generators work?

Now before we get started it is important to know that a salt water generator does not create a chlorine free pool, however it does create a pool that has a much lower chlorine content.

Chlorine Generators work by the salt water traveling through the pools circulation system which then enters the salt chlorine generator, and through the salt cell. As water passes through the cell a low voltage current is applied which in return creates electrolysis.

Electrolysis then causes salt and water to brake up to hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid. The hydrogen gas then leaves the pool as small bubbles, while the hypochlorous acid is used as the pools sanitising agent.

Now that we’ve covered how the Circupool Core35 works lets take a closer look at this model.

Circupool Core55

The Circupool  is an advanced, fourth-generation salt pool system. It works with existing pumps, and filter systems to keep your pool sparkling all year round without having to add chlorine. This generator uses very low salt levels and creates silky smooth water giving you a luxurious swimming experience. It is designed for in-ground pools with a max capacity of 35,000 gallons.


  • Able to monitor chlorine production
  • Easy installation
  • 8 years warranty


  • Quite pricey
  • Expensive to run

The Core35 features a built in control module with LED indicators and touch sensitive keypad. The digital controls show the chosen percentage of chlorine output, while the keypad allows you to lower or raise the chlorine output.

This advanced control system also alerts you to when more salt needs to be added, when the cell needs cleaned or replaced, or to check the water flow. The Control Module also has a handy built-in power supply cord that comes standard with a 110V plug for easy installation. 

The Circupool comes with a massive 8 year warranty for customer peace of mind even if installed by the owner. It also has a heavy duty weatherproof construction with IP-66 rated protection. This means that it is dust tight and can withstand powerful jets of water.

Installation of this generator is designed to be quick and easy with an installation time off around only 15 minutes with no wiring required.

Circupool core35 User reviews

When checking out reviews for the Circupool Core35 it was clear to see that there were loads of satisfied customers, with many users saying they would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to switch to saltwater. Many users loved that they were able to instal it themselves, without voiding its impressive 8 year warranty!

People were also impressed with how weather-proof it was saying “it still works like a charm, even after a month of torrential rain!”

Another common positive point was made in relation to how easy the Circupool Core35 was to set up, and operate.

Check how easy it is to instal in the video below.

Circupool core35 review summary

For me, the Circupool seems to be a well thought out quality product, It’s quick and easy installation make it great for even first time purchasers of a salt generator, and many users reiterate this fact.

It’s durable and well made, but also comes at an affordable price which makes it good value for money.

It also has some great features like it’s built in control module allowing you to check and control your pools chlorine levels.

This is definitely a quality product we would recommend purchasing if you’re looking at converting your pool to salt water.

Click here to get one for yourself.

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