Dolphin Active 60 robotic pool cleaner review: Specs, features, & alternatives

Dolphin Active 60 pool cleaner

The Dolphin Active range by Maytronics is a series of modern cleaners that come loaded with top of the line cleaning features, and technology.

Today we’ll be checking out a premium model from the Active Series range, the Dolphin Active 60 to see its cleaning ability makes up for its high price tag.

Dolphin Active 60 quick review

The Dolphin Active 60 robotic pool cleaner features a modern, easy to use design that’s made out of high quality durable materials. It’s a highly energy efficient robotic pool cleaner costing around 5cents per KWH to operate which is great for the power-bill.

The Active 60 was designed to clean in-ground residential pools up to 50ft in length, and of a wide range of shapes and surface types.

It comes packed with heaps of modern features to help take the stress out of pool maintenance. The Dolphin Active 60 is able to deliver a deep clean thanks to its PowerStream Mobility which helps it to create maximum suction on the pools surface, giving it excellent wall climbing, and waterline cleaning ability.

The Dolphin Active 60 is a master at navigating around the pool thanks to its patented CleverClean Technology. This allows it to perform an efficient yet thorough clean, as well as detect and avoid any objects in its path.

The Active 60 is a reliable robotic pool cleaner to be left to clean unsupervised thanks to its 60ft anti-tangle swivel cable. This ensures the cable floats on the pools surface preventing the cleaner from becoming tangled or stuck.

The Dolphin Active 60 uses 2 active brushes that deliver great scrubbing power. Many pool cleaners struggle with the removal of algae and bacteria which can lead to poor water quality, not the Dolphin Active 60 though. It does a great job at removing both of these stubborn debris.

Like other premium Dolphin models the Dolphin Active 60 comes loaded with the MyDolphin App which really takes the term “easy pool maintenance” to the next level. This gives you access to things like weekly timers, cycle settings, delayed start, and even remote control operation all through your tablet or smart phone.

The Active 60 uses an easily accessible multi-layered filter basket. This filter basket features a unique design with 3 different types of mesh. Coarse for large debris like sticks and leaves, fine for debris like bugs and dirt, and an ultra fine filter for things like dust and pollen. This allows the cleaner to be able to filter water down to as little as 15 microns resulting in excellent water quality.

To top things off the, Dolphin Active 60 comes with Dolphin’s unmatched 3 year limited warranty for extra peace of mind, and even comes with a caddy for easy transportation.

The average cost for the Dolphin Active 60 pool cleaner is around $1899, which is a similar price to the Dolphin 400 pool cleaner and can be purchased from your local Dolphin supplier.

Dolphin Active 60

Dolphin Active 60 specs

  • Make: Dolphin
  • Model: Active 60
  • Pool Type: In-ground
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Wall/waterline cleaning: Yes
  • Weight: 23.4lbs
  • Cable length: 60ft
  • Ultrafine Filtration: yes


  • Cleans all areas of the pool
  • Great suction power
  • Easy to operate
  • Ultrafine filtration
  • Comes with a caddy
  • Weekly timer


  • Expensive
  • Can struggle with cleaning stairs

Dolphin active 60 pool cleaner

Dolphin Active 60 pool cleaner Features

Return to side & Quick water release system

Dolphin have programmed the Active 60 to be able to return to the edge of the pool once it’s finished its cleaning cycle, meaning you don’t have to pull on the cord to retrieve it, preventing any damage. It also has a quick water release system which drains any excess water from the cleaner through a flap at the bottom while it’s being removed from the pool, making it lightweight and easy to transport.

MyDolphin App

The MyDolphin App allows you to take your automatic pool cleaning to the next level. Through this app you are able to access features like the weekly timer function, which is great because you can programme the Active 60 to clean your pool even when you’re away on holiday.

Through this app you are also able to select cycle times, which has a quick 1.5 hour cycle time included. This is great if you have unexpected guests come round and your pool needs a quick clean.

It also gives you the ability to control the Dolphin Active 60 manually through the joystick on your smart device. However this feature can be a bit hit and miss if you don’t have a strong WIFI signal.

PowerStream Mobility

Just like the Triton Ps, the Dolphin Active 60 uses PowerStream Mobility which works by using jets which create multi-directional water flow. This allows the Dolphin Active 60 to create constant suction on any pool surface making it a master at climbing walls, and cleaning up to the waterline.

CleverClean Navigation

CleverClean Navigation works by using multiple algorithms to map out the most efficient route to take when cleaning your pool. This also gives the Active 60 the ability to detect and avoid any object in its way and return to its original cleaning path.

Anti-tangle Swivel cable

To prevent any cord tangling the Dolphin Active 60 uses a 60ft anti-tangle swivel cable. Multiple buoys are connected along the cord which keeps it afloat on the pools surface. The cord is then connected to the base of the cleaner by a swivel which has 360° rotation.

Multi-layered filtration basket

The Dolphin Active 60 uses an oversized filter basket with 3 different layers of filtration, making it highly versatile with the amount of debris it is able to handle. The course layer is for debris like leaves and sticks, the fine filter is for bugs and dirt, and the ultra-fine layer is for micro particle like dust and pollen. This gives the Active 60 the ability to filter down to 15 microns which creates excellent water quality.

Dolphin active 60 summary

If you’re in the market for a new automatic pool cleaner and you’re willing to spend that little bit of extra money then I think the Dolphin Active 60 is a great choice.

My reasons being it is made out of long lasting quality materials, and comes with a 3 year warranty making it good value for money. I also really like how they have thought of so many different ways to make pool maintenance that much easier.

Whether it’s through the quick water realise system making the Active 60 easy to remove and transport, or the weekly timer so you can just set, and forget.

I also really like the fact that it is able to consistently clean all areas of the pool.

Now if you’re looking at purchasing a Dolphin Active 60 pool cleaner then you’ll have to purchase one through your local Dolphin supplier.

If you’re interested in checking out a more affordable model from the Dolphin Active Series range then check out our complete review of the Dolphin Active 20 here.

or if you’re looking at ordering a pool cleaner from the likes of Amazon then check out some great alternatives below.

Dolphin Nautilus CC supreme

Dolphin Nautilus Cc supreme

The Dolphin Nautilus CC supreme is a great alternative to the Dolphin Active 60 and is available at a lower price. It packs many of the same features like CleverClean Navigation, MyDolphin App, and an anti-tangle swivel cable.

However the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme doesn’t have the quick water release system, or ability to return to the side of the pool when it’s finished a clean, making removal from the pool slightly more tricky.

If you’re after some more info on this model then check out our full review here.

Dolphin SIgma robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin Sigma review

The Dolphin Sigma is another great option if you’re after a premium robotic pool cleaner from Dolphin. The Sigma is powered by 3 highly energy efficient RPM motors, which give it a high amount of torque resulting in higher suction power. It also features impressive quad scrubbing brushes which are able to deliver an incredibly deep clean, and HyperGrip continues tracks for excellent wall climbing, and waterline cleaning ability.

If you’d like to know more then check out our full review here.

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