Dolphin escape pool cleaner Review: Specs, features, pros & cons

Dolphin Escape pool cleaner

The Dolphin Escape is a popular choice of robotic pool cleaner for above-ground pools.

It packs heaps of great features that helps turn pool maintenance from a chore, to something you barely have to think about.

Today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner to see if it’s the right above-ground pool robot for you.

 Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner Review

The Dolphin Escape is an excellent middle tier automatic pool cleaner designed for above ground pools of up to 30-Ft. Though the Dolphin Escape is priced on the more lower end, Maytronics certainly didn’t skimp on quality, or features.

The Dolphin Escape has a sharp looking lightweight design, that’s made out of durable, quality materials. It is really easy to setup and operate thanks to its ‘plug n play’ operation. All you have to do is drop the Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner into the water, turn it on, and away it goes.

This robotic pool cleaner is only designed to clean the pools floor and doesn’t have any wall, or waterline cleaning ability so do bear that in mind.

The Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner uses Smart-Nav Technology which allows it to map out the most efficient cleaning path saving not only time, but money with every clean. It also features a highly energy efficient DC motor that reduces energy cost of up 90% compared to AC powered cleaners, and uses only 180watts to run, costing roughly 5 cents an hour.

The Dolphin Escape comes packed with an oversized debris basket designed to handle debris of all types. This debris basket is 60% larger than traditional robots, meaning less emptying during cleaning is required.

To aid with its cleaning the Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner uses one powerful rotational scrubbing brush that effortlessly tackles debris, pollen and green algae whiles its powerful suction intake inhales the loosened dirt even while the robot is in reverse.

Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner Specs

  • Manufacturer: Maytronics
  • Brand: Dolphin
  • Model: Escape
  • Pool type: Above-ground
  • Weight: 14.2lbs
  • Cable length: 40ft
  • Cleaning cycle: 1.5hrs standard
  • Cleaning coverage: Floor only


  • Very affordable
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Large filtration bag
  • Excellent traction
  • Efficient at cleaning


  • No built in weekly timer
  • No caddy included

Dolphin Escape features

Dolphin escape robotic above ground pool cleaner

CleverClean Technology

CleverClean technology allows the Dolphin Escape to map out the optimal path to take when cleaning your pool, allowing for a very efficient clean. It also ensures that the Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner is performing a thorough clean making sure no spots are missed, or cleaned twice. This feature also allow the Dolphin Escape to detect objects in its path and navigate around them making sure it doesn’t become tangled stuck.

HyperGrip Rubber Tracks

The Dolphin Escape comes equiped with HyperGrip rubber tracks that are an essential feature to aid in its clean. These rubber tracks allow the Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner to have greater surface traction than an ordinary wheel meaning less slippages resulting in less wasted energy. The greater surface area of the rubber tracts improves directional control and in return delivers significantly more force than wheels meaning more energy is conserved with every clean.

Ultra-Efficient DC Motors

The Dolphin Escape packs dual onboard DC motors that can provide up to five time it’s rated torque without stalling.  The revolutionary 24 volt DC motors require 87% less energy than the AC motors that power old fashioned pool cleaners costing on average 5cents an hour to run saving money on your power bill with every clean.

One Touch Operation

Just like the Dolphin S50 pool cleaner, the Dolphin Escape Robotic above ground pool cleaner was definitely designed with easy operation in mind. There is no programming required nor complex setup, simply plug your Escape in, press the power button and away you go making this a great robotic pool cleaner for first time users.

Dolphin Escape above ground Pool Cleaner user Reviews

Dolphin Escape

When checking out reviews it was clear to see that many customers were very impressed with the all round performance of the Dolphin Escape. Many people loved how simple and effortless the setup was, even for beginner users.

One of the most significant points was made in relation the Dolphin Escapes Pool cleaners ability to remove what ever debris was thrown its way from sticks, clumps of dirts and leaves this Dolphin could handle it all, and to top it off they loved how easy the top loaded filter cartridge was to remove and hose down.

However some users did mention that the Dolphin Escape did struggle with the removal of ultra fine particle but they were able to purchase an ultra fine filter kit for $70.

Many users were also impressed with the Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner’s ability to clean right to the waterline, an area where their previous pool cleaners had struggled to reach.

Dolphin Escape pool cleaner Summary

For me the Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner is a very well thought out product that takes all the needs of a pool owner into consideration. It is able to provide and efficient yet thorough clean in a short amount of time, while using minimal power to operate.

It is a reliable well thought out product that comes at an affordable price which makes it great value for money, the fact that it can operate in a wide variety of pool shape and surfaces makes it very versatile.

We couldn’t go past the Dolphin Escape’s ability to clean all types of debris running into minimal issues while doing so. We also loved the huge top loaded filter cartridge that was easy to remove and clean.

It is for all these reasons we feel that the Dolphin Escape is the perfect balance of price and performance and is definitely an above ground robotic pool cleaner we would recommend.

Click here to get one for yourself today.

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