Dolphin M600 Robotic pool cleaner review: Specs, Features, Pros, & cons

Dolphin M600 pool cleaner

Dolphin has got to be one of the most well known brands of pool cleaners in the industry, with over 40 years of experience and knowledge. With loads of different models to choose from, picking the one that’s going to give your pool the best clean can be difficult task, especially when they’re not cheap!

That’s where we come in, we’re here to give you a detailed review of one of the best residential pool cleaners in the industry, the Dolphin M600 pool cleaner to see if its price matches its design, and cleaning ability.

Dolphin m600 Quick review

The Dolphin M600, is a powerful automatic pool cleaner designed to clean in-ground pools of up to 50ft, and any surface type. As you would expect from a premium Dolphin model it is able to clean all areas of the pool from the floor, to the walls, and right up to the waterline.

It features its patented PowerStream mobility system that’s uses multi-directional water jets that enable constant grip on the pools surface, and improved navigation. The Dolphin M600 pool cleaner uses a 60ft anti-tangle power cable that prevents it becoming tangled while performing a clean, making it highly reliable to be left to clean unsupervised.

The Dolphin M600 robotic pool cleaner has a multi- layered, top loaded filtration basket that is designed to handle both fine, and ultra fine debris from sticks, leaves, dust and pollen, this Dolphin pool cleaner can handle it all.

It uses the MyDolphin™️ Plus app with blue-tooth connectivity, which allows you to take full control of the Dolphin M600 via your smartphone or tablet giving you the ability to manoeuvre it around the pool if any areas need extra attention.

If you’re looking at purchasing the Dolphin M600 it will cost you around $1899 from your local Dolphin supplier.


  • Cleans all areas of the pool
  • Anti-tangle cable
  • Top loaded dual layered filters
  • Powerful cleaning
  • Bluetooth connectivity 


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Maytronics Dolphin m600 specs

  • Make: Dolphin
  • Model: M600
  • Pool type: In-ground
  • Cleaning cycle: 1, 1.5, 2 or 2.5 hours
  • Weight: 11.5kg
  • warranty: 36 months

Now lets take a closer look at the M600’s features

Dolphin m 600

Dolphin M600 key features

Pick me up mode

This features makes the Dolphin M 600 return to the edge of the pool once it has finished its designated cleaning cycle, making for easy removal from the pool

CleverClean navigation

The Maytronics Dolphin M600 uses advanced scanning software and gyro navigation which gives it the ability to map out the most efficient cleaning path to take while cleaning the pool. This also allows it to avoid any objects in its way, and return to its original cleaning path. It also ensures it never cleans the same spot twice making for a more efficient clean.

PowerStream Mobility

Much like the popular Dolphin Triton Ps the M600 features PowerStream mobility that works by creating multi direction jets of water that create maximum suction to the pools surface. This gives the Dolphin M600 excellent wall climbing ability, allowing it to effortlessly clean up to the waterline. PowerStream mobility also improves navigation and cleaning capability.

MyDolphin™️ App

This feature allows you to control your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner through the MyDolphin  Plus App on your smart phone, or tablet. Through this app you can set up daily or weekly cleaning cycles, delayed start, and change cleaning mode programs. This also allows you to control your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner directly to ensure all the hard-to-reach areas are cleaned for total pool coverage.

Filter indicator

The filter indicator lets you know when the filters on the Dolphin M600 pool robot need to be cleaned. This ensures it is creating maximum suction, and optimal performance!

Anti-tangle swivel cabel

Just like the Dolphin M400 ,The Maytronics M600 comes equiped with a 60ft anti-tangle swivel cable that allows it to manoeuvre around the pool without the hassle of getting tangled around its own cord. This in return gives you peace of mind that it can be left to complete a clean unsupervised.

Take a look at the features of the Dolphin M600 robotic pool cleaner in the video below

Dolphin M600 pool cleaner customer reviews

When checking out reviews for the Dolphin M600 it was clear to see there are large amount of happy customers, one user saying “it’s an expensive machine, but it definitely gets the job done”.

Many users loved how well it was able to clean any debris that crossed its path, including sticks and large leaves, saying it was “far superior than their previous pool cleaners they’ve owned”. Another key positive point was made in relation to how simple the Dolphin M600 pool cleaner was to operate, and how easy the filters were to remove and clean.

However there were a couple of negative comments about the MyDolphin™️ app, with some users saying it can be very unreliable at times, and that the settings need to be reset to get the app to work again. Some customers also mentioned that the customer service can be challenging to get a hold of which they found frustrating.

Dolphin M600

Dolphin M600 summary

If you’re looking for a new robotic pool cleaner and money isn’t an issue, then the Dolphin M600 is definitely one to consider. It is able to turn cleaning a pool from a stressful task to a simple one, thanks to its many top of the line features. We love how versatile it is when it comes to all the different types of debris it can handle, and all the areas of the pool it is able to clean.

We also really liked that the Dolphin M 600 featured the MyDolphin™️ app which allows you to programme different cleaning cycles, and set weekly timers which In return means you spend less time mucking around setting your pool cleaner up, and more time doing the things you like.

Now if you’d like to purchase one of these robotic pool cleaners then you’ll need to purchase it from your local Dolphin supplier, as Amazon does not stock this model. However if you you are after a Dolphin model with similar features, then check out the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner.

If you’re looking for other robotic pool cleaner options, then check out our review of our favourite automatic pool cleaners here, or our review on our favourite Dolphin Models.

Dolphin M600 Frequently asked Questions

How long does the M600’s cleaning cycle take?

The cleaning cycle can be set to either 1, 1.5 ,2 or 2.5 hours

How long does the warranty last for?

The Dolphin M600 comes with a 36 month warranty.

What sort of filter does it use?

The M600 uses a dual layered top loaded filter for, large, fine and ultra fine debris.

Does the M600 have a weekly timer?

Yes it does, it can be set to whatever day you like through the MyDolphin app.

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