Dolphin Nautilus Cc pool cleaner review: Specs, features, pros & cons

Dolphin has been a trusted brand of pool cleaners for over 35 years, one of the most popular models being the Dolphin Nautilus. With 4 different Nautilus models to choose from, picking the right one to best suit your needs can be tricky.

Today we’ve decided to take an in-depth look at the popular Dolphin Nautilus Cc robotic pool cleaner to see what features it packs, and if it’s right pool cleaner for you.

Dolphin Nautilus cc robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus cc Quick review

Designed by Maytronics, the Dolphin Nautilus Cc is an automatic pool vacuum designed ideally for small in-ground pools, up to 33ft in length of any shape and surface type. The Dolphin Cc robotic pool cleaner uses its patented CleverClean Technology to map out the most efficient cleaning path to take while cleaning the pool, while also giving it the ability to navigate around any objects in its path.

The Dolphin Nautilus pool robot is capable of cleaning the pools floor and walls, but do be aware it is not designed to clean right to the waterline unlike the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. The Dolphin Nautilus comes equipped with a single powerful high speed scrubber that aggressively looses the dirt from the pools surface, while its powerful suction ensure all dirt is inhaled into the filter compartment.

The Nautilus Cc pool cleaner has a top loaded filter compartment, which is easy to access, and simple to remove. The filter itself is made out of a fine mesh material and is able to handle debris like sticks, leaves and bugs, but is not designed for ultra fine particles such a pollen and dust like the Dolphin Premier robotic pool cleaner.


  • Affordable
  • Weekly timer
  • Powerful scrubbing
  • Top loaded filter compartment 


  • No anti-tangle cable
  • Can’t clean the waterline
  • only 1 year warranty

Nautilus Cc pool cleaner Specs

  • Brand: Dolphin
  • Model: Nautilus Cc
  • Pool Type: In-ground
  • Pool size: 33ft
  • Pool Shape/surface: Any
  • Weight: 14lbs
  • Dimensions: 16.38 x 16.77 x 8.97 inches

Now lets take a deeper look at the Dolphin Nautilus Cc’s Features.

Dolphin Nautilus Cc pool cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus cc robotic pool cleaner features

Weekly timer Function

The weekly timer function gives you the ability to set your Dolphin pool cleaner to clean every 24, 48 or 72 hours. This feature is great because it means your pool can continue to be cleaned even when you’re out of town! However Dolphin do recommend not keeping it in the pool for a period longer than one week.

Energy efficient

The Dolphin robotic pool vacuum was definitely designed with energy efficiency in mind. Costing as little as 5cents an hour to operate, which in return saves money on your power-bill with every clean! It take the Dolphin Nautilus Cc Pool vacuum 2 hours to complete a full cleaning cycle.

CleverClean Navigation

Much like similar Dolphin models such as The Dolphin DX4, or the Maytronic Active 20, The Dolphin Nautilus Cc was designed with with CleverClean navigation. This works by using complex algorithms that map out the most efficient path to take when cleaning your pool, allowing for a faster clean while also saving you money! This navigation also ensure no spots are missed, and gives it the ability to navigate around any objects in its path while also returning to its original cleaning path.

Some users have mentioned that it can take a couple of cleaning cycles for the Dolphin Cc to find the optimal cleaning path if in a large pool.

Top loaded filter Cartridge

The Dolphin Nautilus Cc pool cleaner was without a doubt designed with simplicity in mind, making it a great pool cleaner for first time users. Its filter cartridge is easily accessed at the top of the robot, simply press the filter release button, slide the filter out, hose out any trapped debris and you’re good to go again.

This filter is only designed for large to fine particles such as leaves, sticks and bugs. If your pool is prone to fine debris particles such as pollen or dust then I’d recommend checking out the Dolphin Premier.

Dolphin Nautilus Cc pool robot

Dolphin Nautilus Cc pool robot customer reviews

While checking out reviews for the Dolphin Nautilus Cc it was clear to see there was a growing number of satisfied customers. Many users complimented it for its simple to use operation saying “it’s one of the easiest pool cleaners they’ve used”.

Another common positive point was made in relation to how thorough the Nautilus Cc was able to clean the pool, many users saying it was able to pick up any type of debris, including fine particles like dust and pollen even though it wasn’t designed to.

People also loved the fact that it was an energy efficient pool cleaner meaning they were able to save money on their power-bill.

One negative point customers were making was in regards to the Dolphin Nautilus Cc’s lack of ability to clean the pools stairs. Some users also mention that it struggled to clean the the walls of the pools if the pool was an unusual shape.

Dolphin Nautilus Cc Robotic pool cleaner summary

For me, it was clear to see that the Dolphin Nautilus CC is a great pool cleaner that comes at an affordable price. It packs some good features that some of the more expensive pool cleaners come with such as the weekly timer function.

It has great cleaning capability, being able to handle basically any debris it comes in contact, while still being able to complete a clean in a short time frame. Though it is not great at cleaning the pools waterline or stairs it still has great wall climbing ability.

We also really liked how easily accessible the Dolphin Nautilus Cc’s filter cartridge was, making a sometimes frustrating process simple.

It is for all these reasons we feel like the Dolphin Nautilus Cc robotic pool cleaner is a great option for anybody who is looking to buy on a budget. Click here to get one for yourself.

If you’re interested in reading about model from from Dolphin’s Nautilus series then feel free to take a look at the Nautilus CC Supreme.

Or if you’re looking for a more premium automatic pool cleaner then check out our review on the Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner.

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Dolphin Nautilus cc pool Cleaner FAQ

Does the Nautilus Cc plus have a weekly timer?

Yes it does, it can be set to either every 24, 36, or 72 hours.

what ares of the pool is the Nautilus cc designed to clean?

It is designed to clean to pools floor and walls, but not the waterline or stairs.

How long does the warranty Last for?

The Dolphin Nautilus pool vacuum comes with a 12 month warranty.

Does the Nautilus cc have an anti-tangle swivel cable?

No, the Dolphin Cc comes with a standard 50ft cable.

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