Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner review: Specs, features, pros & Cons

Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner

A question many pool owners are faced with is does a premium pool cleaner really provide a premium clean? Today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Dolphin Sigma, one of Maytronics most premium automatic pool cleaners to see if its price and performance match.

Dolphin Sigma quick review

The Dolphin Sigma was designed by Maytronics, and is one of Dolphin’s premium robotic pool cleaners, much like the Dolphin Premier, that packs loads of groundbreaking features.

It is designed for in-ground pools up to 50ft in length, of any shape and surface type. The Sigma features new gyroscope triple 3,000 RPM DC motors that keep it planted firmly to the pools surface, making it a master climber. This allows it to effortlessly scale the walls with minimal slippage right up to the waterline.

These motors are also what drive the Dolphin Sigma’s powerful quad scrubbing brushes. These brushes were engineered to be able to remove difficult pathogens that destroy water quality such as bacteria, algae and biofilm, unlike ordinary pool cleaners that merely pass over them. And to top things off the triple RPM DC motors also require 90% less energy to run compared to old fashioned pressure, and suction pool cleaners.

As you would expect the Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner comes with all the standard bells and whistle of other premium Dolphin models, like the anti-tangle swivel cable, which prevents it from becoming tangle around its own cord while performing a clean. The MyDolphin app, which allows you to set weekly timers, cleaning cycle times, or control it manually via bluetooth. And SmartNav navigation, which allows it to map out the most efficient cleaning path to take, while also giving It the ability to manoeuvre around any objects in its path.

The Dolphin Sigma pool cleaner uses a massive top loading filter cartridge with the highest capacity ever recorded on a pool robot. These filters are deigned for both fine debris, and ultra fine particles.

Unfortunately the Dolphin Sigma does not come with a caddy for the standard price, one can be added for an extra cost however.


  • Cleans all areas of the pool
  • Fine & ultra fine filters
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3 year warranty
  • Anti-tangle cable
  • Powerful scrubbing brushes


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • No caddy included

Dolphin Sigma

Dolphin Sigma specs

  • Make: Dolphin
  • Model: Sigma
  • Pool type: In-ground
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Yes
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Dimensions: 23 x 19.5 x 14 inches

Now lets take ca closer look at the Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner’s features.

Dolphin Simga pool cleaner key features

Triple high RPM DC Motors

These motors are famous for a high ratio of torque, and inertia. The DC motors can provide up to five time its rated torque without stalling. The Sigma Dolphin pool cleaner uses not one, not two, but three onboard DC motors. This results in the most powerful suction on any pool cleaner, allowing the Sigma to remove hard to clean debris like bacteria, algae, and biofilm, while requiring 87% less energy than AC powered pool cleaners.

PowerClean quad scrubbing brushes

The Dolphin Sigma pool cleaner was designed with four powerful scrubbing brushes that are able to spin individually for precise navigation and agility. These quad scrubbing brushes are able to perform a deep clean unlike any other robotic pool cleaner in its class. While many pool cleaners merely pass over contaminants that adhered to the pools surface, the Dolphin Sigma is able to effectively clean bacteria, algae, and biofilm which destroys water quality and increases chlorine demand.

Massive top-loading filter

The Dolphin Sigma pool cleaner uses a huge top loaded filter which has the highest capacity ever seen in an automatic pool cleaner. These filters are dual layered, the first layer is design for debris like sticks, leaves bugs, and sand. While the second layer is designed to trap micro particles like dust and pollen. Previous generations cartridges made debris removal nearly impossible due to small cavities, the Dolphin sigmas takes this issue away thanks to its new SnapLock filters that are easy to take apart, and simple to clean.

Anti-tangle swivel cable

If you’ve owned a pool cleaner before, then you’ll know there’s nothing more annoying than returning to your pool to find your pool cleaner tangled around its own cord. Not only are they hard to remove from the pool, but you have to start the cleaning cycle all over again! The Dolphin Sigma fixes this issues thanks to its 60ft ant-tangle cord that allows for 360° rotation without any wear or degradation. The cord stays on the pools surface thanks to multiples buoys that keep it afloat. In return this makes the Simga robot reliable to be left to clean your pool unsupervised.

HyperGrip continuous Tracks

Some pool cleaners use wheels as their form of movement around the pool, however this can lead to water going between the wheels and the pools surface making it difficult for the robot to maintain traction. Continual slippage results in lost energy efficiency, and reduces performance. The Dolphin Sigma comes equiped with HyperGrip continuous tracks much like the Dolphin Triton Ps Plus, these tracks allow the Sigma robot to keep constant traction over drains and slippery surfaces, while also giving it excellent wall climbing, and waterline cleaning capability.

SmartNav 3.0 Navigation

SamrtNav 3.0 is a navigation system that’s allows the Dolphin Sigma to scan your pool and map out the optimal cleaning path to take. This feature makes sure every area of your pool is being cleaned, while also ensuring the same spots aren’t being cleaned twice for improved efficiency. This navigation also gives the Simga robot the ability to sense objects like drains and ladders, and allows it to manoeuvre around them before returning to its original cleaning path.

MyDolphin App

This feature is what really makes the Dolphin Sigma one of the most automatic, stress free pool cleaners to own In the market today. Through this app you can set weekly timers, cycle times, and even manually control the Sigma all through bluetooth on your tablet or smartphone. This allows you to spend less time mucking around setting your pool cleaner up, and more time doing things you want to be doing.

Check out the Dolphin Sigma cleaning a pool in the video below.

Dolphin Sigma pool cleaners customer reviews

While checking out reviews for the Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner it was very clear to see that it is a highly rated product amongst pool owners, with many users saying “it’s an expensive pool cleaner but definitely worth every cent”.

One of the main positive points was made in relation to how well the Sigma robot was able to remove stubborn bacteria particles like algae and biofilm, an area their previous pool cleaners struggled to clean. Customers also loved how much debris the massive top-loaded filter cartridge was able to contain, as well as how easy it was to remove and clean.

It was hard to find any negative comments about the Dolphin Sigma pool cleaner, apart from a couple of users mentioning that the Sigma can occasionally become hung up on the drain in their pool. However this wasn’t a big enough issue for them to warm people no to buy it.

Users also loved how the MyDolphin App gave them the ability to set weekly timers, and different cycle times. This gave them the option to have the Simga robot continue to clean their pool while they were away from home, or out of town.

Dolphin Sigma summary

If you’re not shopping on budget then I think the Dolphin Sigma is one of the best choices of robotic pool cleaners available today. It does exactly what an automatic pool cleaner should do, which is clean the pool to a high standard, while also being highly reliable when it comes to being able to complete a clean unsupervised

It is a very well designed product, made out of top quality materials and packed with loads of great features.

Not only is it able to provide an extremely deep clean, it is also highly energy efficient meaning you’ll be saving money with every clean. While its multi-layered filter system allows it to clean and contain any type of debris making it a highly versatile pool cleaner.

Though the Dolphin Sigma is one of the more expensive automatic pool cleaners it does come with an unmatched 3 year warranty for peace of mind.

It is for all these reasons we feel like the Dolphin Sigma robotic pool cleaner is one of the best robotic pool cleaners available today. Click here to get yours today.

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