ECOFLOW delta pro solar generator review: specs, features & buyers guide

The ECOFLOW Delta Pro Solar Generator is a premium choice for those who wish to live off-grid temporarily or full term. More and more people are going green and looking for Ecofriendly alternatives for a reliable power source.

While the initial set up can be costly, the return and peace of mind is a great incentive to make that initial investment. And the freedom the ECOFLOW Delta pro gives you to go off-grid whenever and wherever you please and still have a power source is priceless.

Ok so let’s have a look at the specs and features of the ECOFLOW Delta pro.

ecoflow solar generator


  • Expandable battery ecosystem
  • 3600 Watt hours
  • Wheels and telescopic handle for maneuverability
  • EV charging
  • Solar charging
  • 5 year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Specs of ECOFLOW delta pro

  • Brand – ECOFLOW
  • Solar Charging Input – 1600 Watt
  • Wattage – 3600 Watt
  • Surge Wattage – 4500 Watt
  • Total Outlets – 15
  • Watt Hours – 3600 Wh

The ECOFLOW Delta Pro is on the larger size when it comes to solar generators, but it boasts a huge power capacity, and a long list of features. Now the price tag may scare some buyers off, so it’s not a decision you want to rush into, you want to do your research and that’s probably what has brought you here.

The power capacity of the Delta Pro is massive at 3600Wh which can be expanded to and impressive 25000Wh when linked up with extra battery’s and paired with other Delta Pros.

Let me just put that into perspective for you, but first you’ll to know and understand what Wh means. Wh stands for wattage working hours, this is a term used to indicate how many wattage working hours you will get from a full charge.

For example, if your solar generator has 3000 Wh (watt hours) this means you can run a 1000 watt device for 3 hours or a 500 watt device for 6 hours and so on. Its basically how many watts you can draw from the unit within an hour.

I really hope that makes sense because it took me a while to get my head around all that but once I did it helped me immensely!

ecoflow delta

Ok so back to the massive capacity the Delta Pro can produce. When its full potential is unleashed the DELTA PRO has a max output of 25000Wh which is just mind boggling, that’s power for days on end.

To be honest you’re probably not going to need that much power, unless you’re a large family and want to go fully solar, but it’s nice to always have futureproofing options available.

This is something I find extremely enticing about this unit, the freedom the ECOFLOW Ecosystem gives you with the Delta Pro is outstanding and quite unique.

You can go from powering up the odd camping trip to powering a full-on household and I love that. I love having options and flexibility and that is exactly what you get with this unit. You have the peace of mind that if the Delta Pro isn’t giving you the level of power you desire you can add extra batteries.

ecoflow solar generator delta pro

So, what can you actually power off the Delta Pro? Well, you can power a combined wattage of 3600 watts total at any one time. When the combined wattage of everything drawing power from the DELTA Pro exceeds 3600 watts, ECOFLOWS X-Boost technology kicks in and can accommodate 4500 watts worth of devices.

This is more of a safety net feature to cover temporary surges in wattage, not a way of drawing 4500 watts from the unit. In saying that I have run a kettle, toaster, and frying pan all at the same time without a hitch, and if you do exceed the limit it’s not going to damage the unit at all, it will simply flick off.

The Delta Pro is the perfect power unit for home back up, off grid living and can even be home integrated via the home smart panel. It can power an array of appliances at once without a hitch and the can be fully recharged in 2 hours and 40 mins at 1800W. The charging time can actually drop below 2 hours when you combine charging.

ecoflow generator solar delta pro

Recharge via solar panels, car charging or even charge from an EV station, you will however need to purchase an adaptor to utilize EV charging. An EV charge will get from 0 – 100% in less than 2 hours which may be an incentive to purchase the attachment.

ecoflow delta generator pro

The ECOFLOW Delta Pro has been built with an industry favorite LiFePO4 battery chemistry because it exhibits a long shelf life, cycle life, and high stability. This has been paired up with an all-star battery management system to handle various temperatures, voltages and currents from all around the world, while simultaneously preserving the battery’s cycle life.

And it does exactly that, preserves the battery cycle life with an outstanding 6500 full life cycles before the battery shows any sign of deterioration!

The exterior of the ECOFLOW delta pro is constructed from a robust ABS plastic that has been infused with metallic particles claiming it is both lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant. Abrasion resistant and durable yes but light weight could be exaggerating a bit, this unit is heavy and while it features a handle and wheels it can still be difficult to lug around, and lifting is more of a 2-person job so just keep that in mind.

In terms if outlets, inlets and charging ports Instead of explaining what there is and what they do I think an informative diagram would be much more efficient.

Ecoflow generator delta pro solar

And the back of the unit

ecoflow delta pro solar generator

There are also extra battery ports on the backside panel

solar generator ecoflow delta pro

I want to touch briefly on the LCD screen and the app, which are both super informative and user friendly, the LCD screen looks like this

delta pro ecoflow solar

The LCD screen display’s all sorts of useful information listed below, and its generous in size too making it easy to read from a distance.

  • Capacity as a percentage
  • Estimated runtime at your current usage (when discharging)
  • Time until fully recharged (when recharging)
  • Real-time input and output watts
  • Indicators about what’s plugged in, alerts, and connections

When your not within an arms reach of the unit you can fire up the app and have full control from the comfort of your own phone, plus the level of monitoring the app allows is more detailed than the LCD screen. Its handy, user friendly, and a must have when using the unit.

There’s not much to not like about the ECOFLOW Delta Pro, I know it may seem like a big investment, in saying that I feel confident you would have no regrets with this purchase. It gives you freedom, peace of mind and options which I think is truly priceless!

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