Instapark Solar pool skimmer review 2021: Specs, features, pros & cons

Instapark Solar pool cleaner

Solar pool skimmers are becoming a popular choice for many pool owners, not only are they environmentally friendly, they reduce carbon admission and are free to run, only relying on the energy from the sun to operate. But the question many people want to know is, are they able to clean to the same standard as an electric pool cleaner?

Well that’s where we come in, we’re here to check out the Instapark Betta Automatic Pool Skimmer, one of the most popular solar powered pool skimmers available today.

Instapark Solar pool skimmer quick review

The Instapark Betta is a robot pool skimmer that is designed for pools of any shape or size. It is a solar powered pool skimmer which only requires the power of the sun in order to operate, while its lithium ion batteries give it enough energy if charged during the day to continue operating throughout the night, giving you 24 hour cleaning assistance.

It is powered by two small yet powerful propeller blades that propel it through the water, much like that of a remote control jet-boat. The more charge the batteries have, the faster the Instapark Solar pool skimmer will navigate around your pool. This solar powered pool skimmer has a decent sized filter compartment, large enough to a accommodate leaves, stick and any other debris thrown its way. This filter is also made out of a fine mesh material to allow it to contain fine particles like dust, bugs and pollen.

One thing to consider when purchasing a solar pool skimmer, is that it is only designed to tackle debris on the surface of your pool. So if your pool is prone to debris like sand or stones, then id recommend looking at the option of a robotic pool cleaner. Or if you’d like another cost effective choice, the then AIPER Smart Pool Cleaner is one worth checking out.


  • Doesn’t require electricity to run
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Large filter cartridge
  • Environmentally friendly
  • remote control navigation


  • Doesn’t clean the bottom of the pool
  • Doesn’t clean the stairs
  • Propeller blades can stop working

Instapark Solar pool skimmer specs

  • Make: Instapark
  • Model: Beta
  • Pool Type: In-ground
  • Dimensions: 22 x 19 x 8 inches
  • Weight: !4.12 lbs

Now lets take a closer look at some of the features.

Instapark Solar powered pool skimmer features

High grade solar panels

The Instapark Solar Powered Pool Skimmer comes equipped with a high grade solar panel that generates the power enabling it to move around the pool. The solar panel’s surface is covered by a piece of wear resistant ETFE material. This makes the solar panel more effective and durable, therefore giving it a longer life.

This is a great feature because it’s creating clean power that is available every day the year, even on cloudy days. It also helps to prevent carbon emissions!

Ultra sonic radar sensors

These radar sensors give the Instapark solar powered pool cleaner the ability to navigate its way around the pool, avoiding any objects in its way, while preventing it from becoming stuck in areas of the pool. These sensor are great because you can trust that this robot pool cleaner will be able to complete the clean unsupervised!

Large Top loaded filter basket

The Betta was designed with a large top loaded filter basket with an easy to grip handle for simple removal. The filter basket is large enough to contain a decent amount of leaves or sticks, which is great if your pool is under or near trees. It is made out of a fine mesh material so it also has the capability of containing finer particles like pollen and dust.

When the basket is full simply remove it from the solar skimmer, discard any debris, hose it down, and you’re good to go again!

Instapark solar pool skimmer

remote control operation

The Instapark Solar Pool Skimmer comes with a remote control that gives you the ability to take matters into your own hands! This is a handy feature if there are any parts of your pool that need extra attention. It basically turns your robot pool skimmer into a RC boat pool cleaner, cool huh!

Instapark Solar powered pool skimmer customer reviews

While we were checking out reviews we could see that the majority of of the comments were positive. Many users loved its appearance saying “its a beautiful looking product, with a modern day design unlike most pool cleaners”

Another positive point was made in relation to how well the Instapark solar pool skimmer was able to contain any type of debris that was thrown its way. They also liked how simple the filter basket was to remove thanks to its large easy to grip top mounted handle.

One negative point that was mentioned was that the Instapark pool skimmer robot can become stuck in the pools skimmer due its motor being a little to weak to pull away. However this issue was fixed by putting a floater in front of the skimmer that blocks it from being sucked in.

Some users also mentioned the issue of a propeller no longer working. They did say that customer service was easy to deal with, and that a replacement was provided if still under warranty though.

Instapark solar pool skimmer Summary

For us it was pretty clear to see that the Instapark Solar Pool Skimmer is a well designed product with a decent amount of happy customers. We like the fact that it’s solar powered making it very cost effective, and good for the environment.

We also liked how versatile it is in regards to all the different types of debris it is able to handle, and how it works in any pool shape.

The fact that it’s easy to set up and use makes it a great choice for new pool owners.

It is for all these reasons we feel like the Instapark solar powered pool skimmer is a good option to consider if you own a pool that is susceptible to debris like sticks and leaves. Click here to get yours today.

However if your pool is prone to sand and rocks then I’d recommend looking for a different alternative. Feel free to check out our review of our top 5 automatic pool cleaners.

Or if you’d like some more solar pool skimmer alternatives check out our review on the top solar skimmer models available here.

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