Polaris p825 robotic pool cleaner review: Specs, features, & Alternatives

Polaris pool cleaner

Are you sick and tired of manually cleaning your pool day in and day out? Well the Polaris P825 robotic pool cleaner might be just what you’re looking for.

Today we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the specs, features, pros and cons to see if the right pool robot for you. So let’s dive into it!

Polaris robotic pool cleaner p825 review

The Polaris 825 is a modern looking robotic pool cleaner that is best suited for in-ground pools up to 40ft in length. It features a well constructed design that is really easy to setup, and operate.

It comes equipped with a 50ft power cable which also features an anti-tangle swivel which means you can rest assured that this we guy is safe to be left to clean unsupervised without becoming tangled.

To make transportation easy, the Polaris P825 pool robot comes standard with an easy to assemble caddy which is also great for being used as storage. This robotic pool cleaning is versatile when it comes to the different pool surfaces it’s able to clean thanks to its Surface Control System. This gives you the choice to choose between the numbers 1-5 which allows the Polaris P825 to adapt to how rough your pools surface is.

This Polaris 825 is able to clean all areas of the pool, and also does a good job climbing the pool walls, scrubbing the waterline, and even cleaning the stairs. It does a great job handling large debris like sticks, leaves, and bugs, but isn’t the best for fine dust particles or pollen. If you’re after a cleaner that’s great for micro particles then the Dolphin Sigma is one to consider.

This robotic pool cleaner has great suction power which is paired nicely by an oversized suction inlet. This gives the robot a wider cleaning path resulting in a more efficient clean. All the debris is contained inside a well sized 4L canister. This canister doesn’t have a full basket indicator but does have a clear lid at the top so you can keep an eye on how full it is.

When the basket is full removing it is easy thanks to it’s the easy to grip handle, and the filers are easily cleaned with a garden hose. You have the option of 2 cleaning cycle lengths. These are either a 1.5, or 2 hour cycle, however some people feel like this isn’t long enough to clean their pool in a single cycle.

The Polaris P825 pool cleaner unfortunately doesn’t have a weekly timer function like the Polaris 9550 Quattro Sport, or the Dolphin Triton PS

If you happen to have an issue with the Polaris P825 and need to contact customer service be prepared for an unhelpful, and stressful phone call. Polaris have been known to have poor customer service unfortunately. Polaris P825 parts can also easily be purchased if need be.

Polaris robotic pool cleaner p825 specs

  • Make: Polaris
  • Model: P825
  • Pool type: In-ground
  • Pool size: 40ft max
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Caddy included: Yes
  • Filter type: 4L canister for large/fine debris


  • Easy to setup/operate
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • Climbs walls well
  • Powerful suction
  • Comes with a caddy


  • Poor customer service
  • Not great at filtering micro particles
  • No weekly timer

Polaris p825 sport key features

polaris p825 parts diagram

Oversized Intake Area

With an oversized intake area, the Polaris P825 robotic pool cleaner effortlessly collects larger debris like leaves and twigs, leaving your pool clean and debris-free.

Premium Caddy

The Polaris P835 comes standard with a cabby that is compact, lightweight and requires no tools to assemble

Transparent Lid

Easy to access, the filter canister has a transparent window which allows you to view when the robotic pool cleaner is full. It’s then simple to remove and clean with your garden hose meaning you never need to touch debris again!

Surface Control System™

With the push of a button, adjust the cleaner to work for your pool. From levels 1-5, you choose how rough or smooth your pool surface is, and the P825 adapts.

Cyclonic Vacuum Technology

Powerful cyclonic cleaning action enables the P825 pool cleaner to capture debris and keep it suspended within the canister to ensure strong suction throughout the cleaning cycle.

Push‘N’Go® Filter Canister

Easy debris removal with no fuss or mess, debris can easily be emptied with a simple shake and spray.

Polaris p825 pool bot user reviews

While looking over user reviews it was clear to see that the Polaris P825 had gained a lot of satisfied customers. Here is what a few of them had to say.

My old vacuum was a creepy crawler that I had for a long time. It just wasn’t doing the job anymore. I looked at some other brands, but none of them would do stairs, and only a few would do the waterline. The Polaris does it all. I have a fiberglass pool and found I had to set the vacuum on the smooth setting to do the waterline, and now it gets everything. It is super easy to clean. Just turn a hose on the filter basket and it cleans in less than a minute!

I deliberated for months, reading all the reviews from professional pool installers, equipment reviewers and obviously from purchasers. I chose this machine because of the price point and also functionality and purchaser reviews.This machine has not failed to deliver. It climbs the walls nicely, cleans all the way to the top step and does it quickly and efficiently. It is so easy to clean the filter afterwards too. It come with a storage trolley and does not weigh too much.I would certainly recommend this unit.

Not everyone mentioned a positive experience with the Polaris P825 pool cleaner though. Some users mentioned that the cleaner kept getting hung up on their pools drain, while another person wasn’t satisfied with its suction power for how much the pool robot cost.

All in all though the vast majority of users would either buy the Polaris P825 again, or recommend it to someone else.

Polaris P825 Pool robot summary

When taking price and performance into consideration I think the Polaris P825 is a great robotic pool cleaner that you should definitely consider if you’re on the hunt for a new robotic pool cleaner.

The fact that it’s simple to setup, and easy to use makes it a great choice for beginner pool owners. I also really like that a caddy comes included for the standard price, when normally you have to purchase one at an added cost.

I also really like that it’s able to clean all areas of the pool, including the stairs which makes it very versatile. The fact that it has a growing amount of satisfied customers really speaks volume for how good this robotic pool cleaner really is.

If the Polaris P825 seems like the pool vacuum for you then click here to get yours today.

Or if you’re keen to check out some other great alternatives , then check out the models below.

Polaris 9550 Quattro sport robotic pool cleaner

Polaris Quattro sport

The Polaris Quatro Sport is a great choice if you’re interested in checking out another robotic pool cleaner from Polaris. It does a great job cleaning all areas of the pool, and packs some serious suction power.

It also has a weekly timer function which allows you to choose the days your pool is automatically cleaned, and which areas taking automatic pool cleaning to the next level. It is price slightly on the higher side though.

If you’re interested to learn more then check out our full review here.

Dolphin M600 Robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin M600 pool cleaner

If you’re looking for a robotic pool cleaner that can do it all, then look no further than the Maytronics M600.

The M600 is an absolute beast that is able to provide an incredibly deep clean resulting in excellent water quality. It’s able to clean all areas of the pool with ease, and can handle large, fine, and ultra-fine dirt particles. It features an anti-tangle swivel cable, a full bag indicator, and the MyDolphin App which gives you access to a weekly timer, cycle time select, and even remote control mode.

The Dolphin M600 is heavy and expensive though.

Want to learn more? then check out the full review here.

Polaris P825 pool bot FAQ

What sized pool is the p825 designed to clean

The Polaris P825 is designed to clean in-ground pools up to 40ft in length.

What type of filter does the Polaris P825 use?

The P825 uses a 4L debris canister for large and fine debris particles.

How long does a cleaning cycle go for?

You can choose between either a 1.5, or 2 hour cleaning cycle.

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