5 best automatic pool cleaners 2022: Top picks & reviews

5 best automatic pool cleaners 2021: top picks & reviews

Top 5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best automatic pool cleaner is then i’d recommend the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus .

With the pool industry quickly evolving, more and more products are becoming available to help make it more manageable keeping your pool clean all year round.

One of the fastest growing categories is Automatic Pool cleaners, with three types to choose from Pressure, Suction and Robotic. We’ve decided to take a look at the best robotic pool cleaners to see if they will work for you.

Robotic pool cleaners are considered the cream of the crop when it comes to automatic pool cleaners. Designed to take your pool maintenance to the next level, though they can be a bit pricey they can definitely be a worthwhile investment

Here are the robotic pool cleaners we’ll be comparing

  1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
  2. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner
  3. Polaris F9450 Robotic Pool Vacuum
  4. Aquabot Pool Rover
  5. Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner

Top 5 best automatic pool cleaner review

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner (editors choice)

Dolphin Nautilus CC plus

The Dolphin Nautilus CC plus is an excellent robotic pool cleaner that provides great value for money. Using its patented CleverClean technology it maps out the optimal path in which to clean, even carefully navigating around objects in it’s way. With its 50ft power-chord it reaches all corners of the pool while using its anti-tangle swivel technology to ensure it does not become tangled. It has aggressive dual scrubbing brushes that tackle tough debris while using its strong suction to ensure no debris is missed.

However the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has been known to struggle with the cleaning of stairs.


  • CleverClean technology
  • Anti-tangle swivel cable
  • Dual scrubbing brushes
  • Lightweight & easy to clean


  • Struggles with stairs

2. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner (The Runner Up)

 Dolphin Premier

The Dolphin Premier packs a lot of the same features as the CC Plus, It uses the same CleverClean technology to map out the most effective cleaning path, and its Anti-tangle swivel cable to prevent itself from becoming stuck. The main difference the Premier has an ultra efficient DC motor, running on just 180 watts the cost to run this is roughly 5 cents an hour. The Dolphin Premier uses its HyperGrip rubber tracks to easily scale the pools walls getting right to the waterline.

However these added features do come with quite a significant price rise. Some customers also stated that it can also struggle with the pools steps.


  • Highly energy efficient
  • CleverClean technology
  • Dual scrubbing brushes
  • HyperGrip Tracks


  • Very pricey
  • Struggles with stair

3. Polaris F9450 Robotic Pool Vacuum (best at cleaning stairs)

 Polaris Robotic Pool Vacuum

The Polaris Robotic Pool Vacuum is a highly energy efficient robot that can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. It packs a rear water cleaning stream which is great for removing dirt from stairs and hard to reach places. To compliment its rear water cleaning stream the Polaris also has an oversized suction intake and Vortex Vacuum Technology that keeps debris suspended for a longer period time to ensure no dirt or debris is missed.

Unfortunately this cleaner does struggle with walls and kidney shaped pools, and customers have mentioned how difficult it was to contact customer service if there was an issue.


  • Highly energy efficient
  • Cleans stairs & corners well
  • Wide suction intake
  • Vortex Vacuum technology


  • Very pricey
  • Struggles with walls
  • Customer service can be hard to contact

4. Aquabot Pool Rover (most affordable)

Aquabot Pool Rover

The Aquabot Pool Rover is a more affordable option when it comes to robotic pool cleaners. Though cheaper it still has some nice features. It has 19-quart micro filter bag which is easy to clean and reuse while it has extra wide non marring wheels that allow it to roll over ripples and printed vinyl bottoms. This cleaner will clean the shape of any above ground pool.

Sometimes purchasing a less expensive product does come at a loose of features and performance. If your pool is prone for having deeply embedded dirt the Aquabot will struggle to remove it. This cleaner can also become tangled due to having no anti-tangle swivel on its chord. It also struggles with walls


  • Affordable
  • Large filter bag
  • Good for any shaped pool


  • Doesn’t remove deep dirt
  • Struggles with walls
  • Can tangle easily

5. Hayward RC9740CUB SharkVac Robotic Pool Cleaner

Hayward sharkvac robotic pool cleaner

The Hayward SharkVac is designed for in-ground pools of all surface types with no hoses, pumps or hookups required for operation. The Hayward runs separately from the pool’s filtration system, reducing filter backwash frequency to save both time and money. Using smart steering technology the Hayward SharkVac is able navigate the pool to provide the most effective cleaning pattern and give the most efficient clean time. It is highly energy efficient, costing the same price as running a standard lightbulb. It’s filters are easy to remove without the unit having to be turned upside down, then easily cleaned with a hose.

The downside of this cleaner is it struggles to transition from floor to wall which means not being able to clean up to the waterline. The SharkVac is also heavy and the only way to remove it from the pool is by pulling it by its power chord. this can have an impact on its lifespan.


  • Highly energy efficient
  • Easy to clean filters
  • Efficient at cleaning


  • Struggles with walls & waterline
  • Heavy & hard to remove from pools

Things to consider before purchasing an automatic pool cleaner

Pool Size, shape & surface

When purchasing a pool cleaning robot it is crucial to make sure that it’s power chord is going to be long enough to reach all corners of your pool since the chord can not be extended. Making sure the cleaner is designed for you pool surface is also important to ensure your surface doesn’t become marked or damaged.

Ability to climb walls

Most of a pools bacteria and algae sits on the waterline so ensuring you’re getting a cleaner that can navigate walls right to the waterline is going to be key to ensure all algae and bacteria is removed

Our View on the best automatic pool cleaner

For us, the best robotic pool cleaner it had to be able to do 3 things. Clean right to the waterline, be able to be left unsupervised without becoming stuck or tangled and provide excellent removal of dirt and debris.

For us there was only one clear winner, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. while being one of the more affordable cleaners CC Plus still packed a bunch of great features. It’s ability to scale walls and clean right to the water line was unmatched while it’s CleverClean Technology ensured you got the most thorough time efficient clean. To add the icing on the cake it was the most reliable cleaner when it came to not becoming tangled on its own power chord.

It’s for these reasons we feel like the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is a great combination of value for money, quality and performance.

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