XtremepoweUS premium suction Vacuum review 2021: Features, Pros & cons

XtremepowerUS pool vacuum

Suction side pool cleaners come in a wide variety of models, all with their own unique features.

Today we’ll be checking out one of the cheapest suction pool cleaners available on the market today the XtremepowerUS Premium Pool Cleaner to see if it’s still able to do a good job cleaning a pool

XtremepowerUS premium suction pool Cleaner Quick review

The XtremepowerUS pool cleaner is a suction side pool cleaner that is able to clean both above and in-ground pools up to 30ft in length. It is designed to clean the pools floor and walls, however it is not designed able to clean the stairs.

The Xtreme Power Pool Cleaner comes equipped with 10 pieces of hose attachments which creates 30ft of hose, making it a good choice for small to mid sized pools.

In order for the XtremepowerUS Pool Cleaner to operate you’ll have to make sure you have a pool pump that is at lest of 3/4 HP or 1600GPH (and higher) for it to be able to perform properly. The XtremepowerUS Premium is best suited to clean small debris like bugs, algae, and small dirt particles, however it’s not great at handling large amounts of sticks, or leaves as it can easily become clogged.

The XtremepowerUS Premium will not operate In the shallow end of the pool that is less than 3ft deep, so do bear this in mind if your pool has multiple shallow areas.


  • Affordable
  • Able to climb walls 
  • Easy to Operate
  • Can operate in above/in-ground pools


  • Doesn’t operate in the shallow end
  • Not great with Large debris
  • Doesn’t clean stairs

Xtreme power US pool cleaner Specifications

  • Make: XtremepowerUS
  • Model: XtremepowerUS Premium
  • Type: Suction Side
  • Pool type: Above/In-ground
  • Dimensions: 41″ L x 6″ W x 18″ H
  • Weight: 10lbs

XtremepowerUS Key features

Automatic Operation

The Xtreme Power Pool Cleaner operates automatically by using set patterns, allowing it to navigate your pool cleaning it from top to bottom.

Able to clean pools of many surface type

The XtremepowerUS was definitely designed with flexibility in mind. It is able to safely clean pool surfaces made of fibreglass, concrete and Vinyl thanks to its soft and thickened pleated seal (base plate) which allows it to gently and thoroughly clean, making it highly versatile.

no electricity or tools required

The Xtreme Power US pool cleaner requires no electricity to operate as it runs by connecting directly to your skimmer or a dedicated suction line that pulls in water to the pump. The cleaner then moves around the pool, sucking up sediment and debris and then sending it to the pump filter basket and the pool filter.

No tools are required for installation either, simply click together the 10 pieces of hose feed provided, connect to the dedicated suction line, and you’re good to go!

XtremepowerUS Pool cleaner

XtremepowerUS Pool Cleaner user reviews

While checking out reviews it was clear to see that the Xtreme Power pool vacuum was definitely a highly rated pool cleaner by man customers. Many users were very surprised a cleaner that was so cheap was able to perform such a good clean saying “it’s a little work horse that does a great job!”

Another common positive point was made in relation to the quality, design and functionality of the Xtreme Power US pool cleaner, with users saying all of these aspects were at the same level as a cleaner 2x the price!

Some users did mention that XtremepowerUS pool cleaner can miss certain areas of the pool while performing a clean, and that it can be prone to clogging if large debris like leaves and sticks are sucked up.

However they weren’t surprised about this saying “you can’t expect perfection from a pool cleaner of this price”.

XtremepowerUS pool cleaner

Xtreme Power pool cleaner Summary

For me, I feel like the XtremepowerUS Premium is a good suction side pool cleaner for anybody that’s shopping on a budget. It is a well designed product made out of quality materials making it great value for money.

It is simple to operate, and requires no tools to install making it a great choice for beginner pool owners. I liked the fact that it was great at cleaning walls, and the fact that it’s highly versatile when it comes to the pool surfaces it can clean, and the pool types it was able to operate in.

It is for all these reasons we feel like the Xtreme Power Pool Cleaner is one to put on your list if you’re shopping on a budget.

Click here to get one for yourself today.

If you’re interested in some more suction side pool cleaner choices fell free to check out favourite models here.

XtremepowerUS premium pool vacuum FAQ

What is the minimum hP requirement the Xtreme Power needs to operate?

You will need to have atleaset a 1hp pump in order to function correctly.

What type of pool cleaner is the Xtreme Power?

It is a suction-side pool cleaner that operates off the pool skimmer or booster pump.

What type of debris is it designed for?

The XtremepowerUS is designed ideally for bugs, algae, dust and small dirt particles.

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